The Fault in our Stars

By: John Green

The Setting

The setting in The Fault in our Stars is in Indianapolis and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Main Characters

The main characters are Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters.

Hazel is a 17 year old cancer fighter. She is trying to beat her stage 4 thyroid cancer. She tells her mom that she wants to be a normal teenager. She wants to go to parties, drive, go on vacations, and do whatever any normal teenager would do. Her mind is telling her that she can do it, but her body is holding her back.

Augustus Waters was an amazing basketball player, until cancer hit his right leg. Soon after, it was amputated. Yeah, that limited some of the things he can an cannot do. But that didn't stop him from living his life to the fullest.

He believed highly in metaphors. One time he slid a cigarette between his teeth, a big goofy smile grew between his ears and he said, "It's a metaphor, see: You out the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing."

Honestly, I would love to be friends with them but, I don't at the same time. Because what if something happens to them and they get even more sick, or possibly worse.

Minor Characters


He is Augustus best friend who is also the one who brought Augustus to the support group, where he met Hazel. Isaac suffers from eye cancer on his right eye.

Hazel's Mom

She is very protective of Hazel and stays home to watch her. But she is a very loving and a nice lady that wants the best for Hazel.

Hazel's Dad

Her dad loves Hazel so much that he cries over her because he doesn't want her to be sick. But he barley sees Hazel because he has to work.

Peter Van Houten

The author of Hazel's favorite book, An Imperial Affliction.

I liked Augustus because he always saw the brighter side of things and he never gave up on things.


Hazel' mom thinks that she's depressed. So her mom drags Hazel to a support group in a basement claims to be "in the heart of Jesus" after a couple weeks of going, she finds someone staring at her, it was Augustus. When it ended, he walked over to her and got to know Hazel. After walking her out, her asks to go watch a movie. First she thinks about not, but she agrees. That's when they meet his parents and they too are also over protective of him.


Agustus suprises Hazel about taking her to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author, Peter Van Houten. Hazel talked her mom into letting her go, but her parents went with them. When they get to Amsterdam, they went to meet him as soon as possible. When they got to his house, they were suprised but yet disgusted. Peter Van Houten's house was so dirty. As they got farther into the house, he was passed out on the couch. When Agustus woke him up, he started yelling at them. So Hazel explained everything and they left.


As they were about to leave Amsterdam, Augustus tells Hazel that he found out that his cancer was spreading and he had a slim chance of living. When they got back to Indianapolis, he planned his funeral. It was one ordinary late night when Augustus calls Hazel, when she answered, he was crying. He tells her to meet him at the gas station he was at. As she got to the gas station, she saw him balling coughing up blood. He tells her not to call anyone, but she does anyway. They tell each other that they love each other as the paramedics arrive. The next day Augustus Waters passed away. A couple days later, they had his funeral.
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The problem is defiantly cancer. But cancer is the thing that brought them together.

The problem was never really solved. Hazel ended up loosing Augustus to the deadly sickness.


I learned to appreciate the little things in life. I'm really lucky I can run, play sports, or even see. We are griping that we have to go to school the next day or something dumb. When some kids are actually wanting to learn or get out of the hospital.


The theme is to stay strong no matter what, to never give up.

Liked? Or Disliked?

I really absolutely loved this book/movie I recommend The Fault In Our Stars a million times.

I liked the book more because it has a lot more detail and description to it. But, the movie was great too

It shows that even when they are at there worst, they never gave up.