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Mike White

What are your goals for using technology in your classroom?

Ideally my goal would be to have students be able to use technology on a daily basis in my classroom. Without having 1 to 1 it is sometimes hard to incorporate technology on a daily basis. Having the students take out their phones to look something up or to do a quick formative on kahoot is nice and all but it is sometimes difficult. Not all students have smart phones and students like kahoot the first few times but after a while it gets old. I would love to learn about multiple ways to keep the students entertained and focused while learning. Since students are on their phones constantly Id like to have them using it for educational purposes instead of who sent them something on snapchat.

What equipment do you have available in your classroom and school?

At Pinkerton there is a good amount of equipment at our disposal like smart boards and computer labs but at the same time this equipment is limited. If you are not one of the first people to sign up for a computer lab then better luck next time, so you need to book things a couple weeks in advance. In our classroom we are limited to what we have. There are some classes that have 1 to 1 and smartboards but in my classroom we do not. I do have a projector which is nice and a class set of books but when it comes to technology we are limited so it is nice to find out new things that can be introduced to students that isn't going to cost the school money.

What PD would you make you successful?

A PD that would help me out drastically would be one solely on how to incorporate technology into the classroom that is interactive with the students. Another great PD would be how to set up a google classroom so students can access this anywhere they get internet and make it much easier for me to grade and give feedback to the students. I do feel however I will learn a lot of these techniques in this class, so I am looking forward to that.