Fabulous Fourth

Mitchell Elementary

The Fourth Grade Scoop

IF YOU HAVE TIME SENSITIVE INFORMATION SUCH AS A CHANGE IN DISMISSAL PLANS, PLEASE CALL THE FRONT OFFICE. This will ensure that your child has written permission to go home a different way even if there is a substitute. Thank you.

  • Thanksgiving holiday November 23 - 27
  • MAP testing window opens November 30th
  • Chili cook off Saturday, December 5th, 11:00 - 1:00
  • Green team meeting Monday, December 7th
  • Picture retakes Wednesday, December 9th
  • Report cards go home December 18th
  • Early release at noon December 18th
  • Be thinking about your science fair project. Projects are due January 13th.

Elementary Gifted and Talented (PACE) Referral and Assessment

PACE provides services for academically gifted and/or talented students in grades K-12 who have demonstrated the need for advanced, differentiated instruction.

If you are interested in having your child assessed for the program, the referral packet may be found online at:



Kindergarten – Grade 5 is December 9, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Referral packets must be completed and returned to Sherri Breard, gifted specialist(PACE). Referrals received after the posted deadline will be held for the next assessment cycle.

You may also request an electronic copy from your campus PACE Specialist, Sherri Breard at: sherri.breard@pisd.edu 469.752.2875



We will wrap up Unit 2 in a few weeks. The Unit Test is scheduled for the week of December 7th. Comprehension skills that will be assessed include Author’s Purpose, Main Ideas and Details, Cause and Effect, and Sequencing. Students will be expected to Compare and Contrast information from their reading and identify text structure as such. Other text structures include sequencing or describing. As usual, we expect students to use the text to support answers to reading questions, for both multiple choice and short answer. The expectation for short answer responses is a re-stated question and proof or evidence from the text to support the answer. The Reading and Language Arts MAP tests will also fall the week of December 7th.


In Unit 3, students explore the role of electrical engineers in designing and improving technology having to do with electricity. They will identify how an understanding of electrical conductors, technology, and the field of electrical engineering can help inform a design. Students use their understanding to design, construct, and test their own alarm circuit designs. In the health unit, students explore the knowledge and skills needed to maintain good health and, most importantly, the inclination to be an active participant in maintaining healthy lives.

Social Studies

Students learned about the first European conquistadors to explore what is now Texas. They collaborated to create a life-size explorer. See some of our explorers below. Students will be learning about Spanish missions established in Texas and how Spain has influenced Texas culture. Students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast the impact Spain and Mexico had on the development of Texas.


In Writing, the students are being introduced to SOPHIA Md which is an acronym for the figurative language terms including simile, onomatopoeia , personification, hyperbole, idiom, alliteration, metaphor, and dialogue. Using these tools help the writer paint a vivid picture for the reader as they create “Show Don’t Tell” pieces to describe an emotion. As Thanksgiving approaches, they will also be working on a project detailing what they are thankful for.


We just finished rounding and multiplying two, three and four digit numbers by one digit numbers. We are currently working on division by estimating, drawing representations, and learning the standard algorithm. We will spend next week reviewing and assessing over division before Thanksgiving break. When we return, we will be multiplying greater numbers such as two digit by two digit problems.

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