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Happy Wednesday!

This week, as I received the Sunday reflection from Father Michael (All Saints and St. Martin of Tours churches), it got me thinking. The focus of the reflection is about kindness and love. In fact, here it is:

In the Gospel of John, it's not just about about following the commandments-but to have the commandments. Not to have the commandments as if carrying them around written down-but to be the commandments. And the greatest commandment is to love.

We are to be love. And in doing so and being so, Jesus will love us and reveal himself to us.

In what ways do you find it easy to be kind?

To whom is Jesus inviting you to be kind?

How has Jesus revealed himself through your kindness?

It is so easy in this extraordinary time to get caught up in just surviving from one day to the next. There are many stresses and homeschooling your children is NOT easy. Many people feel frustrated working from home, too, even if they are still employed. People are often feeling down and disconnected. Personally, I get out for a walk every day (with 2 giant baby St. Bernards, of course...see pics below) and that gives me a chance for renewal and reflection. This reflection from Fr. Michael got me wondering...are we thinking beyond ourselves...are we thinking of others? What are we doing to show love and how are we at receiving love? Do we focus on doing acts of kindness (random or not)? What is one thing I can do today, in a world of negativity, fear, and uncertainty, to add positivity, kindness, and love to those around me? Am I a role model to those who look up to me? Do I show patience, even when I am frustrated? The world needs love and kindness, now more than ever. So, this week, I encourage us all to spend a few moments pondering this important message. The beautiful thing about our faith is that Jesus does not ask perfection of us. He loves us, not only regardless of our faults, but because of everything that makes us the unique and special person we are. But, we can always strive to do better...to improve who we are and be the best person we can be.

Have a wonderful week...and don't forget to register for the auction (and preview the items).


Katie Dempsey

Any Update for the Fall with Schooling?

The short answer is no. There is much work being done behind the scenes, though. The Archdiocese of Seattle is doing all it can to get information to families about plans BEFORE summer vacation. The overall decision has to be first taken care of by the governor. Then, depending on what he decides, the Archdiocesan schools will need to decide how much they will follow the OSPI (public schools) and how much they will do independently. We are working with all of the key people on this matter, as well as health and safety plans which involve CDC guidance, plans for the school facility, PPE, and other matters. We know that this is a critical issue with all families and will get you information as soon as possible.
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We are still celebrating virtually! Online Auction Info!!

Check out our auction, which will be held NEXT WEEK! The fun begins with the silent auction May 27 - 29 and concludes on May 30th with the live auction from 5pm - 8pm. Click on https://hrba.ejoinme.org/Auction2020 and scroll down to Preview Auction (click on this to view our items) or Join Our Virtual Auction (click on this to register for the auction). Click "Start Bidding" to sign up! Just add your credit card info and you are ready to go!! You can also access this from www.holyrosarybilingual.org and click on the "Auction" button at the top of the page. Check this out and sign up today!

If you have family and friends who do not want to bid on items, but want to support the school with a tax deductible donation in support of teacher salaries, please share this link with them: https://hrba.ejoinme.org/donate

There are tons of great items available so please register and take a peek. Our event has a $50,000 goal which provides important dollars to our budget and it is more important than ever this year, since tuition revenue and other fees are down for the school. We are trying an online auction for the first time and are very excited about it, and we hope that you are too. Any questions, please email: smckinney@holyrosarybilingual.org

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Last Survey Results...and Medical Advice!

The recent survey was left open for a couple of weeks and we ended up getting 53 responses, with some from parents representing all grades. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Here are the results for those who responded in our community:

Q1: List all grades in which your child/ren is/are enrolled

  • PK3 = 5
  • PK4 = 10
  • KG = 12
  • 1 = 12
  • 2 = 13
  • 3 = 5
  • 4 = 5
  • 5 = 7
  • 6 = 3
  • 7 = 5
  • 8 = 3

Q2: How is your child doing with the current homeschooling situation academically?

  • Great = 3
  • Good/OK = 17
  • Depends on the day = 26
  • Terrible = 3
  • Other (Please specify) = 4

Q3: Is/are your child/ren experiencing any of the following right now?

  • General stress = 23
  • Anxiety = 17
  • Depression = 2
  • Trouble sleeping = 9
  • Behavioral changes = 23
  • Trouble eating = 3
  • Sadness = 17
  • Other (Please specify) = 18 (Missing structure, frustration, lots of questions, happy, none)

Q4: What is/are your biggest concerns right now (Check all that apply):

  • Schooling for my child now = 23
  • Schooling for my child in the fall = 23
  • Physical Health = 11
  • Finances = 15
  • Mental Health = 29
  • Job = 14
  • Other (Please specify) = 9 (Move, socializing, summer care, etc.)

Q5: If you would like to be contacted to further discuss concerns, please provide contact info:

  • 9 responses

We have spoken with health care professionals who have indicated that this Coronavirus "event" is akin to the death of a family member or another extremely significant impact on a child's life. This can cause long-term physical, emotional, and psychological changes in your child. Some children are doing quite well with distance learning, but many others are struggling because they miss their friends, teachers, and routines. The advice is that you should check with a doctor if you see major changes in your child that last 2 weeks or longer. The same is true for adults, who are dealing with their own stress and that of their child/ren. Take care of yourself and give yourself love, grace, and the medical attention you need. You can't take care of others if you are struggling with your own health (physical, mental, or otherwise). Hang in there!!

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Looking for Something Fun to do with the Kids??

We are looking for fun ways to decorate our new Fife campus. We need your help. As you can see from the picture below, the new campus needs a little color and some love from the kids. We want you to decorate (paint) rocks that we can use to add color to the front area of the campus. We want it to be a beautiful, warm, kid-friendly, welcoming entry area. If you have a chance to decorate rocks and want to drop them off at the new campus, just bring them by and add them to the space anytime. If they are done by this Friday or next Monday, you can also drop them off when we are at the Tacoma campus (Friday from 8 - 12 and Monday from 12 - 4) and we will bring them to the Fife campus. Your child can even "sign" their rock to put their personal "stamp" on their new campus. We can't wait to see the creativity from our amazing kiddos!
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Some Painted Rock Ideas!