Catherine Macphail

Book Summary

The book was about a boy and his dad. His dad was kidnapped by a commpany called Delta crop. They sell robots that do anything for you. Two men took his dad for a solution on how to make the robots bad. When his son finds out who took his dad he sneaks in and gets his dad back. They where going to let his dad die of hunger and thrist. His dad could barley walk or run. Then they hid from the men that took his dad in the bushes. The sons friend found out were they where and called the police and they cought the men and took them to prison.

My Favorite Part Of The Book

It is when the son saves his dad form the men. He had to hide from a security guard. He also jumped through a glass window. When the son took off and triped over a wire when he did so he saw his dad in a dark corner of a jail sell. When he got his dad out they left out the window of the building. They walked down a dark alley. The security guard chased them and they managed to get away.

Why you should read this book

You should read this book because it has a a lot of action. This book also makes you realize that anything can happen. This book is also really short and you won't be able to put it down. The book also uses a lot of figurative language. You can understand the hole book and it's not jumpy.