4C News

Friday, April 10th, 2020


4C Families - I'm letting you know that today will most likely be the last day that I will be sending information through Remind. The District is requiring me to transition to BravesSquare. When using this platform, all of my communications will be sent to your email addresses that are part of your student's registration information that is stored in Infinite Campus.

There is an app that you can download to your mobile device. It's called BravesSquare and it's free. Just go to your app store and download. I'm told that you can activate your cell number in order to receive notifications. Even if you choose not to download the app, I'm told you'll still receive my posts.

Superintendent Farr will be sending more information later today. I just thought I'd give you a heads up.

I will send a Remind message to let you know when I make my first post in BravesSquare so you all can check your emails to make sure you get it. You might need to update your email address with the District.

You can email me with changes and I can forward those for you.

Weekly Checklist

It's done! I'm going to send that attachment through BravesSquare. It's not going to be perfect, but definitely better than nothing.

Week at a Glace

I will be posting our academic week at a glance each Monday morning. It will give families a general idea of the direction of the student work. Students will continue to find a detailed daily message in the Grade 4 course and in their Math Course.

Contact Me

Please, please, please continue to text me when you need something. I know it might feel weird, but I wouldn't give you my number if I didn't want you to have it. You can also email me! I'm not and expert at BravesSquare, but I'm sure there is a reply option there too!

Cell (call or text) - 585.955.3111

Email - closege@canandaiguaschools.org