Somerset ES Staff Bulletin

Week of September 14th

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

Events This Week

Monday (9/14)

No School for Students and Teachers

Tuesday (9/15)

6:00 Instrumental Parent Meeting

6:30-8:30 PM 3-5 Back To School Night

Wednesday (9/16)

8:15-8:40 OSET Team Meeting (Conference Room)

9:15 Core Team Meeting

Thursday (9/17)

12:00-4:00 Maureen out (AP PLC)

IEP/EMT -- Coverage

8:30 Rich -- Lambert-Williamson

9:30 Thompson -- Lambert-Williamson

10:30 Rich -- Lambert-Williamson

1:30 DeMarco/Pickar -- Andreassi/Horton

Friday (9/18)

8:00-4:00 Kelly out (Central Service Meeting)

Upcoming Events

Monday (9/21) - 3:45-4:45 PM Staff Meeting

Wednesday (9/23) - No School for Students and Teachers

Sunday (9/27) - 5:00-7:00 PM Back to School Picnic

Monday (9/28) - 3:45-4:45 Leadership Team Meeting

Staff Recognition

Kudos to:

- Travis for designing the Back to School Night Introductions Video.

- Everyone who participated in the K-2 Back-to-School Night on September 9th. A hugely successful evening. Thank you for all that you do to support our students.

- Brooke for all her hard work in creating the para, ESOL and resource schedules in collaboration with the ESOL and resource team.

Happy Birthday to:

9/17 Maggie Sisti (Grade 3)

Announcements and Important Information

- Please make sure that a copy of all work samples you plan on sharing at an EMT/IEP meeting are given to Barbara McCartney by the deadline provided in your invitation email. All documents for an IEP meeting will then be copied and sent home. Copies will also be available for you at the meeting. In addition to the work samples, please remember classroom teachers must be able to share and provide data in reading and math. If your student has a different reading or math teacher, you are responsible for getting that information to present at the meeting.

- We will not be sending home interims during the first quarter. If you have any academic concerns for any of your students, please make sure you set up a face to face or phone conference with the parent(s).

- During indoor recess teachers will have to combine classes. We only have two or three aides available for each lunch/recess period. Classroom teachers are to make sure the rules and expectations are established for the students. Classroom teachers are to pick students up from the cafeteria and take them to indoor recess locations.

-Unless a child is in the care of Wonders Child Care, no children are permitted in the building before 8:40. Student helpers are not allowed in your room before 8:40; so please do not invite students or tell their parents to drop them off before 8:40 a.m.

- Social Dues- $30 for full time staff, $15 for part time staff. We are asking for payments by Sept. 17---checks made out to the Somerset Social Committee or cash in an envelope with your name on it. Either can be placed in Barbara Berlin’s box.

- Please remember to sign in the main office every morning. Also, if you need to leave the building during your duty-free lunch, you MUST let Susan &/or Nancy know on a daily basis.

- Please pick up your students from specials, lunch and recess on time, and please arrive to your duties on time. We all depend on each other for a smooth and efficient school day.

-As you are planning your weekends towards this fall, please consider:

1) Stopping by the Fall Back to School Picnic which is scheduled for Sunday, September 27th on our field from 5 – 7 PM

2) Registering for the Back-to-School Classic on Sunday, October 25th. More information is available online at:

-Just a reminder about allergies. Our school policy is that we encourage students to refrain from bringing nut products to school for lunch or snack. For monthly celebrations, please ask parents of students who have allergies to supply a snack/treat for their student (such as: fruit snacks, rice crispy treats, etc). Check with Linda or Megan for more ideas. Most baked goods are cross contaminated as they are made in facilities where nuts are processed.

- Please make sure you have the following at Back to School Night: Copy of Homework Policy, Copy of Weekly Schedule, student work on display, Grade Level Curriculum Guide and conference sign-ups.

Proposed Time Schedule for Back-to-School Night on 9/15

  • 6:25 Doors Open (Parents should wait outside the teachers classroom until 6:30)

  • 6:33-6:55 Admin/PTA/Foundation Welcome broadcasted in Classrooms

  • 6:55-7:40 Classroom Session 1

        • Visit Specialists

  • 7:45-8:25 Classroom Session 2

        • Visit Specialists

  • 8:30 End of Back-to-School Night

  • Parents who have two children in the primary/intermediate grades will be able to visit both classrooms and those who only have one will have a shorter evening.