The Knight

The Canterbury Tales

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the occupation of a knight was to serve their lord as a military power, to educate themselfs, and to practice religion and chivalry.

the need for this occupation shows that the values in the middle ages were justice, honor and respect.

the social standing of a knight was very respected and almost considered nobility.

the daily life of a knight was very busy. when the knight woke up the first thing he did was say his prayers, then he would have breakfast which was shortly followed by weapons practice. then the knights would discuss about warefare, strategies and increase their knowledge of siege warefare and weapons. then the knights would have mid morning prayers and a meal. knights were expected to learn the rules of chivalry and courtly love. in the afternood the daily life of knights turned to increasing their skills in horsemanship and would accompany their lord in hunting, hawking and inpecting the estate. then their would be evening prayers and supper followed by bed time prayer and some entertainment.

the knight and the soldier

the modern day knight would most likely be a soldier. because both of their duties was to protect their country and to serve their lord or president.

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the knight is a very strong spoken and physically strong guy. the knight is also very brave and he is the type of guy to keep his word and stand by your side through thick and thin.

he rode fine quality horses but he didnt wear flashy cloths. he wore a simple cotton shirt that had stains all over it from the chain mail he'd word in the war.

there was an honorable knight, who had devoted his life to chivalry, truth and justice. he had fought for his king in many wars throughout europe and the middle east and had won many awards for his bravery.

brave, honerable, truthful and strong.

chaucer thinks very highly of the Knight, he thinks of the knight as an honorable man.

"there was an honorable knight who had devoted his life to chivalry, truth and justice."