Yohanna Gebreyohanns

About Carbon

Carbon's atomic number is 6. Carbon's atomic symbol is a C. Carbon's atomic mass is 12.011amu. Carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Carbon is located in the 14th group and the 2nd period. Carbon can be found in diamond, graphite, and amorphous (coal and soot). Carbon is a nonmetal and is a solid at room temperature. Carbon's melting point is 3550 degrees C and it's boiling point is 3825 degrees C.


Carbon has been known since Ancient Times. Carbon was discovered so long ago they don't know who discovered it.


Since Carbon is found in diamonds it is used to make jewelry. Carbon is also found in graphite which is used to make the lead in pencils. Carbon is found in petroleum products which is used to make gasoline products. Carbon is found in all plastic so carbon is used for water bottles, Frisbee, toys, plastic utensils. Carbon is the main ingredient in charcoal.

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