Literary Device and Terms Exam

Test next Friday (2/26) !

Reminder: Students and parents

As you learned at the beginning of the year, every sophomore literature student must pass the 50 question Literary Devices exam. Failure on this exam is not optional. If a student does not pass on the first try, they will be expected to give up their lunch period to retake the test. Students who do not pass on the first try must take the test until they pass. Attached to this reminder is the list of 50 devices and terms that students must be able to identify during the test. The test is matching words/phrases to definitions and students will have the entire period to finish. Notes and textbooks are NOT allowed. Students have had five weeks to prepare for this exam; I would recommend spending at 15 minutes a day studying these terms. The information being assessed is crucial for the rest of your student's high school and college education which is why we have decided to put these rigorous parameters in place.