No Teacher Left Behind

Techniques, Strategies, & Standards

No Teacher, Like No Student, should be left Behind

  1. For teacher to be effective communicators and lesson planners, they need to be continually learning new techniques and strategies. Nationwide, school systems need to adapt to a Professional Development Day. Lamar, Mo. school have a day they set aside to facilitate teacher learning. Teachers learn new strategies and techniques they need to know for the school year.
  2. All teachers across the board should utilize certain practices. One practice all teachers should utilize is technology use. Technology is always changing, always upgrading. Teachers need to use technology in lesson planning and for learning objectives. The more teachers use technology and the more students are allowed to use it the more students will learn about it for future use in our ever-changing world.
  3. There should be a constant standard for all teachers to meet, just as there are high stakes test for students to take. While teachers need to be creative and creativity needs to remain in classrooms; there are also standards that need met in order to know our teachers are highly qualified to teach students. The standard should be the teacher needs to have a specific amount of training each year; and be able to show creativity during the training time on some sort of project to ensure teachers are meeting state standards.
  4. As Sir Ken Robinson discussed in his video, the creativity is being killed in school. I believe this needs to change because in order for teachers to master ISTE Standards, they need to have some creativity left in them. As teachers we are suppose to facilitate and inspire; however if we are not inspired, how are we suppose to inspire our students?

Motivate Teachers to Facilitate Effective Learning

A fun approach to trainings will enhance the experience for teachers and give the teachers new and innovative ways to strategically plan lessons.