Jesus Torres


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. All you need is a ball in somewhere to play. Because it is a inexpensive sport, all types of people can play. Because like Cristiano Ronaldo he wan the gold soccer shoe but the best player got the ball and his name is Leonel Mesii hi makes like 4 goals on a game.


If you want to be good at soccer you need to have the rite shoes, the best tricks and the rite ball. The rite shoes for soccer are the mercurial v8.They make you run faster and it can curve the ball there color is pink on the front and purple on the back. The rite tricks for soccer is the rain ball, around the world, chilena, tijera and dominadas. the rite ball for soccer has to be not that heavy and not that light. The ball has to be a good mark like Wilson or Nike to curve.