It's time for new quizzes to be born

It's time to rejoice ...and work

Thank you P3 and P4 teachers for conducting Kahoot quizzes in Term 2!

The P5 classes will have to conduct these sessions with your classes in Term 3.

As the title suggests, please discuss among the level teachers and craft new quizzes for the pupils. Each level should craft about 2 to 4 new quizzes.

If you cannot remember how to access Kahoot, please look out for details below.

Website: https://getkahoot.com/

Username: kcppsel@gmail.com

Password: 5024kcpps

Psst! Now, your pupils can answer the quiz in teams, keeping them engaged in your lesson!

To help your pupils get started on Kahoot, you can get them to view this PowerPoint Presentation, go to https://app.nearpod.com/command

You can create one too!

This simple flyer was done on SMORE. You can use this to your advantage to create newsletters and flyers to promote events. Explore the website to find out more! I have set up an account for the EL Dept.

These are details you need.

Username : kcppsel@gmail.com

Password: 5024kcpps