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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Can you believe it's mid-November? We've turned back the clocks, the temperatures have dropped and it's dark by 5pm. We get to wear our cozy clothes, drink warm beverages and eat hearty, hot foods. Deadlines and due dates may loom large and the unique stressors of last week may still linger a bit...and, YOU'VE GOT THIS! Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner.

Until then, try taking things one day at a time. For example, plan out your daily schedule to optimize efficiency, and include time for self-care, sleep, and other purposeful breaks.

In community,
The Skorton Center for Health Initiatives at Cornell Health
part of Student and Campus Life at Cornell University

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Start your day with intentionality

Ask yourself one or more of these questions:

  • What will help me to feel happy today?
  • what will help me to feel healthy today?
  • What will help me to feel connected today?
  • What will give me a sense of purpose today?

Don't Miss the Final Fall Colors

Whether it's a walk around Beebe Lake, a gorge trail walk or watching a fall sunset, be sure to take some time this week to take in the fall colors that remain, breathe in the crisp fall air and experience the beauty of autumn with all your senses.

EARS Peer Mentors Are Here for You!

Looking for a Mentor?

Drop by an EARS Peer Mentor drop-in location on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings across campus to chat with a trained EARS Peer Mentor!

What Can I Talk About With a Peer Mentor?

EARS Peer Mentors will provide active listening, support, and empathy through informal conversations on topics common to the student experience like:

  • adjusting to college/grad school
  • stress
  • how to make meaningful social connections
  • help with getting connected to relevant resources (e.g., academic, social)

Do I need an appointment?

Nope! Drop-in mentoring hours are informal, supportive, and flexible student-to-student conversations with an EARS Peer Mentor who is trained to be a good, empathic listener and communicator.

Who Are EARS Peer Mentors?

Check out EARS Peer Mentor Bios to learn more about who you could talk to.

When & Where Are EARS Peer Mentors drop-in hours?

To see the detailed EARS Peer Mentor Drop-In Schedule visit:

Upcoming dates for EARS Peer Mentoring Hours before and after Thanksgiving break:

  • Tuesday, November 16
  • Wednesday, November 17
  • Thursday, November 18
  • Tuesday, November 23
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Tuesday, November 30
  • Wednesday, December 1
  • Thursday, December 2

Peer Mentor Drop-In locations:

  • North Campus: 626 Thurston Room 103 from 5 - 8pm
  • Central Campus: Willard Straight Hall Room 605 from 5 - 9pm
  • Collegetown: Eissner Pavilion (outside of Schwartz) from 5 - 9pm
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Mindfulness Meditation for Untangling Charged Thoughts

Ever find yourself going over and over the same couple of thoughts in your head? Feeling anxious about all there is to get done in the remaining weeks of the semester?

This meditation entitled Untangle From Charged Thoughts was created to help you cultivate calm, steady awareness when you have those challenging or charged thoughts. The meditation guide helps you rationalise your thinking when you may be experiencing stress and angst over a clouded or negative mindset. Allow this practice to provide you with a lightness and contentedness towards the days to come, drawing upon a newfound and strong sense of self love.

Insight Timer has an extensive free version. Everyone who uses the app can access over 60,000 meditations, and new free tracks are always being added. Learn more, sign up here:

Happy Light Borrowing Available at Willard Straight Hall

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As it gets colder, it also gets darker outside which can leave people feeling the winter blues.

Happy Lights emit high intensities of light and produce similar effects to the sun’s natural rays helping you beat the winter blues.

Happy Lights are available for use at Willard Straight Hall, Room 520.

They are free and open to all Cornell students after signing a waiver on CampusGroups. Student staff will help you set up a Happy Light, which you can use anywhere within Willard Straight for up to 20 minutes!

Happy Lights can be used:

  • Monday 10am - 7pm
  • Tuesday 1pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday 10am - 1:30pm & 4:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Thursday 2pm - 7pm

Upcoming Events This Week (11/16 - 11/22)

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Stop by the Straight to de-stress and have some fun!

Did you know that laughing, playing games, and listening to music can relieve stress?

Well, you do now, so Stop by the Straight to take a mini-break by enjoying some activities that will inevitably reduce your stress levels (e.g., listening to music, de-stressing activities, escape rooms, and laser tag).

*sorry, the Pause for Paws event took place this past weekend!*

Anything But Prelims: study break!

Saturday, November 20th from 1 - 3pm

Statler 165

Join CMM for a study break where talk about prelims, projects, and assignments is *absolutely not allowed* :)

There will be free Insomnia Cookies to take home at the end of the event.


This event is part of CMM's Mental Health Awareness Week event series.

Spa Night

Sunday, November 21 from 7 - 9pm
WSH Music Room

Join CMM for a relaxing spa night. Spend some time de-stressing with free bamboo plants, coloring, puzzles, fragrant sachets, and more! Grab some trail mix, tea, and other snacks to take home with you.


This event is part of CMM's Mental Health Awareness Week event series.

Dining with Diverse Minds (CMM x CU IMAGE x ALANA)

Monday, November 22 from 5 - 7pm
MVR 1102

Join Cornell Minds Matter in conversation with CU IMAGE and ALANA for a conversation about mental health in diverse communities.


This event is part of CMM's Mental Health Awareness Week event series.

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Let's Talk Drop-In Consultations with CAPS Therapists

Let's Talk is a free program for Cornell students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) that provides easy access to informal consultations with counselors from Cornell Health. Let's Talk is a first-come, first-served service, (no appointment necessary) and there is no fee.

For the most up to date schedule, be sure to check the website at

The fall semester weekly schedule is:






Especially for Graduate & Professional Students

Looking for Ways to Build Resilience?

Graduate and professional school is a time of many new experiences including academic, social, and personal ones.

Take advantage of this free, asynchronous, online training designed for Cornell graduate and professional students called: Thrive (don't just survive) @ Cornell - 2021 - 2022 Edition

In only 40 minutes, graduate and professional students at Cornell will walk away with information on a variety of tips, tools, and resources to help develop and/or reinforce strategies and habits to support your overall mental health and well-being during your time at Cornell.

This training covers:

  • daily self-care practices
  • opportunities to make meaningful social connections
  • self-reflection techniques to guide time management
  • how to develop a growth mindset
  • strategies for making meaning and finding purpose

Concerned About Others?

Graduate and professional students wear many hats including but not limited to: student, TA, instructor, lab manager, colleague, peer, etc.

Take advantage of this free, asynchronous, online training designed for Cornell graduate and professional students called: Notice and Respond: Friend 2 Friend 2021-2022 Edition.

This training provides graduate and professional students with information and resources to recognize and respond to someone in distress, whether it's a peer, a housemate, friend, colleague, or an undergraduate student.

In only 35 minutes, graduate and professional students at Cornell will leave with information about the signs and levels of distress (concern, urgent, and emergency). This training also covers the importance of encouraging help-seeking and endorsing resources, and provides an overview of campus, local, and national resources.

247 Talk and Text Resources

Struggling and Need/Want someone to Talk With? You Are NOT Alone. Help is available any time day or night by connecting with the following resources. You don't have to be in crisis to take advantage of these free opportunities to speak or chat with a trained professional or volunteer who can listen to your concerns, and offer insight and advice.

The following resources are here to support you:

Cornell (24/7):

Ithaca hotlines (24/7):

National hotlines (24/7):

National text / chat services (24/7):

International services: