John Fitzgerald Kennedy

By Rene Meza

What J.F.K is famous for

J.F.K was famous for changing the rights. Also for helping Dr.King. He always told everybody to look at there future. He was born in May 29, 1917 and he died in November 22, 1963. J.F.K became President in 1960 the 44th quadrennial.


J.F.K had four sisters and three brothers in his childhood. J.F.K's old house was in Brooklyn, a neighborhood just outside of Boston and became the President.


J.F.K went to Dexter School in 1927, Riverdale Country School in 1927, Canterbury School in 1930, Chordate Rosemary Hall in 1931, Princeton University in 1935, and Harvard Collage in 1936

J.F.K's famous words

J.F.K once said" Change is the law of life." And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.'

5 words

Honest, Loyalty, Confident, Great, President

Five Fast Facts

  • J.F.K was the only President to win a purple heart.
  • Kennedy wasn't the youngest President ever.
  • J.F.K recorded conversations in the White House.
  • Kennedy almost died twice before he became President.
  • His family was very, very rich.