Overcoming Obstacles: Walt Disney

By: Anthony Mucciarone

Birth and Birthplace

Name- Walt Disney

Birth date- Dec 5 1901

Birthplace- Chicago Illinois

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Walt's parents were Elias Disney and Flora Disney but he and his brothers Roy,Herbert and Raymond were so frustrated with their father Elias do to Walt's father making Walt work but Walt's father would never pay him even at 16 and as Walt and his brothers said he treated us like property he wanted us to do what he wanted he didn't care about our dreams. Walt also wanted to finish his education but he had to drop out of school at 10 do to family financial problems. Walt had a dream of getting away from the farm life and go and make art and cartoons he loved to draw but his father did not like that he needed a son that would make money for the family and keep the farm going. So at the age of 16 he ran away to go the army in WW1 and joined the US Ambulance Corp in 1917 he did this to get away and get as far away from home as possible he also lied that he was older to join the army.

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Walt Disney age 16 US Ambulance Corp 1918


While he was in France he sold cartoons and comic books to his comrades in the army. After he joined the army he came back to the united states and found himself a job in a newspaper company. His boss soon fired him do to his “Lack of imagination and that he could not make new ideas” this devastated Walt his brother said he had the worst breakdown that his brother Roy had ever seen he wouldn't eat he even talked to Roy about committing suicide. But Roy made sure he was calm and made sure he didn't do what he was thinking.

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Professional Career

After Walt's failure on his last job he decided to go out west with only $40 in his pocket to the city of dreams Hollywood. Once he got there Walt started a new cartoon brand called “Alice Comedies” this would become the major success that walt needed. This put Walt Disney in the spotlight. He later would found the company of Walt Bros which he started with his brother Roy this will later become Disney Pixar.
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Walt's family was very poor they had to send Walts brothers out to sell newspaper to keep the family afloat. This allowed Walt to go to school but this did not last long do to Walt droping out when he was 10 do to family financial problems. Do to his father being so strict with him and the way his father treated him he ran away to soon join the military and go to europe to fight in ww1 he lied that he was older so he could join he was actually 16. But the war ended before he was shipped out so he was reassigned as a ambulance driver. This caused Walt to see wounded dying men on the battlefield after the war he recalled it as “Hell on Earth”. He was saddened by this he sold cartoons and the money he made went to donations to the red cross and wounded soldiers. He was also told at his first job at a newspaper company that “Walt had no imagination and could not make new ideas”. After this he moved to hollywood and make one of the most creative and powerful company in history.
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  • Won 26 academy awards the most ever won by one person ever.
  • He won twenty-two competitive Academy Awards from a total of fifty-nine nominations, and also holds the records for most wins and most nominations for an individual in history.

Memorable Quote that explores the theme of their life

All our dreams can come true, if we have courage to pursue them.

He is saying that you can be successful just like me all you have to do is pursue your dream.

Interesting extra information

  • walt disney was very poor in his childhood and had to sell newspapers to go to school.
  • Walt Disney mad his own art university and in his will when he died he wanted 25% of his revenue go to that university he made.