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May 2023

The Central Linn School District is asking for parent/caregiver and student participation in completing the anonymous survey below based on your school experience.

Feedback given will b used to recognize the positives that the district accomplishes every day and to identify gaps in performance that should be addressed. Data received will be summarized, shared, and used as part of our continuous improvement plan.

The surveys will close Friday, June 9th.

Parent/Caregiver Experience Survey

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Proposed Vocational/Agricultural (Vo-Ag) Building Vision and Timeline

Why Build a New Steel Structure vs. Repairing the existing building?

Once it became clear that the existing building repairs would be far more extensive than initially thought, alternatives were investigated by the CL Facilities Committee. The recommendation was to go with a pre-engineered steel structure. As part of due diligence by individual board member contacts within the industry were asked for their insight. Eric Christensen of Fisher Construction Services gave one of the more concise breakdowns of the steel building advantage from a builder’s perspective with the following statement:

In general, a couple of bullet points about why pre-engineered is appealing:

1. Cost, per square foot: They are the most cost effective use of commercial space compared to other methods (ie. concrete tilt, traditional steel etc.)

2. Longevity: A pre-engineered structure will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, compared to a stick-built or pole building, which require much more maintenance and eventually fail sooner. Steel has a longer usable lifespan.

3. Flexibility of finishes: Pre-engineered buildings can have any exterior finish or interior finish you desire. Architectural panels, hardi-board, wood, CMU, brick etc. Pre-engineered buildings don't have to have all metal siding. Interiors can be built out with studs & drywall to meet any interior need.

4. Flexibility of phasing: You can start with just a pre-engineered shell/envelope and build out the interior down the road as time and/or funds allow.

How is the District Paying for this and what is the timeline?

Superintendent Pelt gives the following explanation, tentative timeline and estimated budget:

We are building and finishing as we have enough cash; this approach will require us to strategically plan in phases.

Demolition: Summer 2023

Building Shell constructed: Shop classes ready -Winter 2023-24

Classrooms and Culinary classes built - Summer 2024

Mechanic bay finished and built - Summer 2025

Estimated total-$ 2.2 million ($800,000.00 grant funds, remainder general funds)

So what is the take-away?

The existing building is fixable, but at a cost exceeding the long term benefits of starting over with a lower maintenance and lifetime pre-engineered steel structure. Timelines are dictated by Federal ESSER Dollar spending deadlines, Grant Money Windows, and District Budgeted Funds availability. Nothing is currently set in stone, however, timelines are quickly approaching. Much planning and discussion have brought us to a place where we can present the current status of the approach to the public, but please consider this initial timeline, budget, and method as preliminary planning subject to change. As always, individual board members, building committee members and our Superintendent, Candace Pelt are available to answer further questions.

Thank you!

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Elementary Open House Happenings

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Mrs. Parker Receives the Oregon Natural Resources Education Fund Grant

Congratulations to Mrs. Parker on being awarded a $1,100 Oregon Natural Resources Education Fund Grant, presented by Mr. Tim Otis. Mr. Otis publically awarded the grant to Mrs. Parker at May's Central Linn School Board Meeting.

Congratulations, Mrs. Parker!!

Forestry Students win $450 and place 2nd in Competition

Rhian Hollister and Brooke Glaser took second place in the Inventive category of their submission of "The Logger and the Forest Steward" video.

Click the link below to be directed to the submitted video.

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Central Linn FFA Banquet

CL FFA hosted its annual banquet on May 23rd where attendees enjoyed good company, ate some wonderful BBQ provided by families, and witnessed Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) and Career Development Event (CDE) recognition, degree ceremonies, senior recognition, and the 2023-24 officer inductions.
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Central Linn FFA 2022-2023 Fair and CDE Teams

National Milk Quality and Products: Team Bronze; Ava Glaser Gold, Autumn Suing Silver, Ella Glen Bronze, Cole Walker Bronze

Ag Olympics: Morgan Seiders: placed 1st in plant identification, Eden Browning, Cord Olson, Bailey Lester, Maddie Duringer, Mia Fiorito, Amelia Curtis, Ximena Cruz Gomez, Gage Leabo, Aaliyah Hite, and Anya Griffith

Beginning Soils Judging- 2nd in District: Ethan Pitts, Carmen Martinez Ware, Peyton Gaskey, Autumn Suing, Nikki Billington, Aaliyah Hite, Eden Browning, Gage Leabo, Hazel Huxford, Bailey Lester, Ximena Cruz-Gomez, Amelia Curtis, Maddie Duringer, Isabelle Curtis 10th, Jackson Duringer and Mia Fiorito 5th, and Morgan Seiders 4th

Advanced Soils- 2nd in district and 2nd B team state

Participating team members: Jaxon Wirth, Greyson Tenbusch, Weston Tenbusch, Drew Davidson, Trevon Nofziger, Brooklyn Winningham, Carmen Martinez Ware, Kendra Glaser, Summer Collins, Kamden Lafayette, Gary Rivers, Addie Wolff, Peyton Gaskey, Isabelle Curtis, Nikki Billington, Saydey Johnson, with Jayne Neal 10th, Georgia Wahl 8th, Hollis Kizer 7th, Ava Glaser 3rd, and Brooke Glaser 2nd

Beginning Food Science- in District: Morgan Seiders, Nikki Billington, Aaliyah Hite, Mia Fiorito, Eden Browning, Bailey Lester, Amelia Curtis, Maddie Duringer, Ximena Cruz Gomez, Carmen Martinez Ware 4th, Anya Griffith 2nd, and Brooklyn Winningham 1st

Advanced Food Science-1st in Districts: Summer Collins1st, Emily Almasie 2nd, Kendra Glaser 3rd, Kamden Lafayette 6th

Food Science – State: Summer Collins 4th, Emily Almasie, Kendra Glaser, Kamden Layfayette

Beginning Ag Sales - Districts: Alyse Glenn 4th

Advanced Ag Sales - Districts: Thomas Thorton

Ag Mechanics- 2nd in Districts: Jaxon Wirth 1st, Kadyn Hillsman 6th, Drew Davidson 8th, Tyler Woodworth, and Hank Davidson

Ag Mechanics- 12th in State: Jaxon Wirth 10th, Kadyn Hillsman, Drew Davidson, Tyler Woodworth, and Hank Davidson

Creed Speaking: Jayne Neal, Hollis Kizer1st in Districts, 1st in Section, and top 8 in state

Conduct of Chapter Meeting- 1st in District, 2nd in Sectionals, and top 7 in State: Brooklyn Winningham, Hollis Kizer, Jayne Neal, Georgia Wahl, Isabelle Curtis, Peyton Gaskey, and Addie Wolf.

Beginning Job Interview: Nikki Billington 8th, and Jay Erz 5th

Advanced Job Interview: Thomas Thornton 4th, Ella Glenn 8th

Ag Issues- State: Hannah Stutzman, Brooke Glaser, Ella Glenn, Emily Almaise, Kendra Glaser, Autumn Suing

Beginning Floriculture- 1st in District:, Morgan Seiders 1st, Alyse Glenn 2nd, Maddie Duringer 3rd, Mia Fiorito 4th, Bailey Lester, Aaliyah Hite, and Ximena Cruz-Gomez

Advanced Floriculture- 1st in District: Brooke Glaser 1st, Autumn Suing 2nd, Ava Glaser 3rd, Ella Glenn placed 4th, Summer Collins 5th, Kendra Glaser, Saydey Johnson

Advanced Floriculture- 3rd in State: Brooke Glaser 1st, Ava Glaser 8th, Ella Glenn, Summer Collins, Autumn Suing, Kendra Glaser, and Morgan Seiders

Beginning Milk Quality and Production-1st in District: Jackson Duringer 1st, Bailey Lester placed, Mia Fiorito 4th, Maddie Durringer 5th, and Ximena Cruz Gomez

Advanced Milk Quality and Production-1st in District: Jayne Neal 1st, Isabelle Curtis 2nd, Carmen Martinez Ware 3rd, Brooklyn Winningham, and Nikki Billington

Advanced Milk Quality and Production-1st in State: Jayne Neal 1st, Isabelle Curtis 4th, Jackson Duringer, Carmen Martinez Ware, Brooklyn Winningham, and Addie Wolff

Crops- 2nd in District: Jaxon Wirth 3rd, Drew Davidson, Hank Davidson, Hollis Kizer, Jay Erz, Greyson Tenbusch, and Don Ware

Beginning Meats Evaluation: Nikki Billington 2nd in District

Crops - State Jaxon Wirth, Drew Davidson, Hank Davidson, Hollis Kizer, Jay Erz, Greyson Tenbusch, and Don Ware

Environmental Science: Brooke Glaser, Emily Almasie, Rhian Hollister, Summer Collins, Ava Glaser, Kendra Glaser, Autumn Suing, and Thomas Thornton

Beginning Tractor Driving: Competing 5/24/23: Hank Davidson, Sawyer Kirk, Greyson Tenbusch, and Don Ware

Advanced Tractor Driving: Competing 5/24/23: Drew Davidson, Dyllon Isom, Bill Koch, and Jaxon Wirth

County Fair: Beef Cattle: Ava Glaser: Reserve Champion Advanced Beef Showman, Autumn Suing: Champion Advanced Beef Showman, and Premier Beef Showman. Market Hogs: Olviya Patterson, Cole Walker, Hollis Kizer: Supreme Champion Breeding Gilt. Poultry: Ella Glenn: Small Animal Citizenship, Gracie Moran: Reserve Champion Novice Poultry Showman. Sheep: Emily Almasie, Nikki Billington, Isabelle Curtis: Sheep Citizenship, Peyton Gaskey, Jayne Neal: Champion Advanced Sheep Showman, Georgia Wahl, Carmen Martinez Ware, and Brooklyn Winningham. Horses: Rylee Prettyman: High Point Gaming Exhibitor

State Fair: Beef Cattle: Ava Glaser, and Autumn Suing. Horses: Rylee Prettyman: Reserve Champion Advanced Gaming Exhibitor. Market Hogs: Hollis Kizer. Tractor Driving: Cole Goracke: Champion Tractor Operator

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Report a tip online

Did you know we have an anonymous tip line located on the main page of our website? Through Vector Solutions, we offer SafeSchools Alert which allows a quick and anonymous report of safety concerns to school officials 24/7.

Link: https://centrallinn-or.safeschoolsalert.com/

NOTE: This tip line is not for immediate emergency response. Emergency situations should always go to 9-1-1.

All tips are analyzed and forwarded to designated personnel who can provide further assistance in resolving reported incidents. False or prank tips may be investigated by law enforcement (ORS 165.570).

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Announcement

Central Linn School District has partnered with Care Solace to support the well-being of our community. If you or a family member are looking for help with mental health or substance use Care Solace can help you quickly find treatment options matched to your needs, regardless of the circumstance. This is a complimentary and confidential care coordination service provided by Central Linn School District. If you would like to use Care Solace to help find a mental health care provider call 888-515-0595.

Support is available 24/7/365 in over 200 languages.

Visit https://www.caresolace.com/site/centrallinn and either search on your own or click “Book Appointment” for assistance by video chat, email, or phone.

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Central Linn School District

Individualized Education for All Learners.

Serving the communities and surrounding areas of Brownsville, Halsey, Shedd and Peoria, Oregon.

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We wish everyone a safe and happy summer break and look forward to seeing you next school year!