Welcome To Harappa!! ☀


Mansi 6.04 Indus Valley Music

Our Town Offers Many Luxury's!

To enjoy your stay we have many options of housing :

  • Our homes are 1 or 2 story's high
  • Most of our homes are made of bricks.
  • Our houses have your own private well and clay pipes that go straight to sewers underneath the city.
  • You can upgrade your stay and get a house with several rooms built with a courtyard.

How To Get Around Harappa!

How We Get Around in Harappa:

  • We walk around Harappa a lot to get to the places were going
  • We also have state of the art boats to get around the river.
  • Some of us even supply wooden carts pulled by bullocks if you want to move a lot of people or luggage at once.

Toy Blow Out Sale !

Friday, March 16th 1500 at 2:30-4:30pm

Harappa, Pakistan

Come to our toy store. Are craft workers just released a whistle shaped like a bird so where having a toy blow out sale!!!