5 Bunnie's for sale!!!!!

Available for £15

lion head, 2 boys and 1 girl rabbit kits for sale

Hobbyist Breeder and lifetime Rabbit lover has a special litter of Kits available now. Balls of fluff with wonderful manes! I take a lot of pride in looking after my rabbits who are kept and cared for to the highest standard. This means my rabbits get the love and cuddles they deserve. The babies have been reared on the best feed available and will come with a weeks supply of food and a lifetime of help and advice. The babies have been handled daily and are used to children and dogs. They have been bred for type and temperament. 2 Girls and 2 Boys are available

Rabbit insurance info

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Pictures of the rabbits which are for sale

The colour

The great thing about these rabbit kits are that they are specifically breeded. the mother has many various different colours in so there were 6 different coloured rabbits when born. so are very special and beautiful
Athena's Litter ~ 7 Weeks Old ~ Baby Lionhead Bunnies

A video of what the rabbits look like at 7 weeks old and guide line of how hairy they are at this age

(These are not the actual rabbits this is just a guideline.)

when you can buy one till

Friday, Oct. 5th 2012 at 12am to Monday, Dec. 31st 2012 at 2am

Limington, Yeovil, United Kingdom

Limington, England

Please buy one for the rabbits of course. need to be sold asap.