School is Just About Over Event

End of Year Celebration! May 20, 2016

Annual End of Year Celebration!

Friday, May 20th, 8:30am-2pm

700 West Jefferson Street

Boise, ID

Join us for some educational and enjoyable activities in Idaho's Capitol building, and a $1 lunch from Del Taco.

*This event is for currently enrolled families, as well as for others who would like to participate in this capitol event. There is no cost to attend, Information packets will be available from our teachers about how to enroll in one of our fine schools. Lunch will be served at noon and will cost each person $1. (Del Taco sack lunch and water bottle) We will eat together on the front lawn of the capitol.

Parking: (check here to help find parking near the capitol)

Where to enter the Capitol: West Wing Garden Level

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

8:30 am - 9:30 am, Lincoln Auditorium -- Abraham Lincoln Speaks on Idaho with David LeRoy (Former Lt. Governor)!

9:40 am - 11:00 am, Workshops -- You will rotate (Each event will take place 3 times and will be divided up by age group)

  1. Three Guided Capitol Tours
  2. How a Committee Works!
  3. How to Testify Before a Committee for young and old!
  4. What is JFAC and why does it matter?
  5. Want to become a Senate or House Page? Here is how!
  6. Learn how a Bill becomes a Law!!
  7. Learn what the Secretary of State REALLY does!
  8. What does a Lobbyist really do???

*Picture Scavenger Hunt! Prizes for those who identify all the pictures.

11 am - 12 am Sing the Idaho Song in the Capitol Rotunda

Picture on Capitol Steps of all attendees

Lunch on the Capitol Lawn ($1 per person, Del Taco sack lunch, water)

The lyrics to the Idaho State Song, "Here We Have Idaho"

"Here We Have Idaho" is the official state song of Idaho.[1] The music for the Idaho state song, composed by Sallie Hume Douglas, was copyrighted on 4 November 1915, under the title "Garden of Paradise."

In 1917, McKinley Helm, a student at the University of Idaho, wrote the verse which became the chorus of the Idaho State song, and Alice Bessee set the words to the music by Sallie Hume Douglas. The song was popular then, and Bessee had no idea of its origin.

This song won the annual university prize for that year, and eventually became the university's alma mater. Albert J. Tompkins, Director of Music in the Boise Public Schools, wrote a set of verses for the song. In 1931, the Idaho Legislature designated "Here We Have Idaho," previously known at the University of Idaho as "Our Idaho," as the Idaho state song.


verse 1

You've heard of the wonders our land does possess...
Its beautiful valleys and hills...
The majestic forests where nature abounds...
We love every nook and rill...


And here we have Idaho...
Winning her way to fame...
Silver and gold in the sunlight blaze...
and romance lies in her name...

Singing, we're singing of you...
Ah, proudly too,
All our lives through (quickly)we'll go
Singing, singing of you,
Singing of Idaho.

verse 2

There's truly one state in this great land of ours
Where ideals can be realized.
The pioneers made it so for you and me,
A legacy we'll always prize.

Recording of "Here We Have Idaho"

Not many great recordings of this song. Please review so we can sing in the capitol. The capitol has amazing acoustics. Choirs come from all over just to sing in the Rotunda. You will get the chance, too.

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Explore this interactive educational site before your visit.

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