Black plague

By:Riley Bennett

Plague causes

The black plague is a disease that is caused by a bacteria called yersinia pesticides.This bacteria is found on animals all over the world it is usually transmited to humans from fleas.

what are the cures

Armomatherapy is a common cure even used today people who had the plague were instructed to cary flowers and herbs with them where ever they went.

Rotten tree sap would rid the body of it for good and it had to be at least ten years old

What are the symptoms

Its symptoms are swelling or buboes that are on the victoms neck armpits or groin and the can to the size of an apple or egg

How many people were infected when ever it was thriving

I t thrived through 1347 to 1352 and 25 million people have died in that time period but its first out brake happend in china in 224 B.C.E

what time was it mostly infecting people

its time of thriving was in europe in 1347 to 1352 a lil bit over 5 years and there was a story about the black plague when two guards stumbled upon a cottage and found a fleace and were dead by next morning

How can we prevent it from happening again

it was an epidemic bubonic plague and can kill within 24 hours thee is no really stoping the disease what we can do is keep the areas that still have out brakes well maintained

can people still get the black plague

yes people can still get it but only in few countrys with low economy and not very many good docters who can help victoms