Heaven Looks A lot Like The Mall

Wendy Mass

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It's A Mall World

A sixteen year old girl named Tessa is playing a game of DodgeBall when a tragic accident happened. She is in this place Tessa thinks is "heaven.'' This "heaven" is what looks a lot like her hometown mall.

Main Conflict: Man Vs Self

Tessa explains her life differently. She goes through high school harder than other people would. When she got hit, she explains her life from the beginning to end till she wakes up.


"Each moment is a gift, not a given. Use your moments wisely." -Unknown

Quote From Book That Begins Conflict

P.157 "As i run, I whip out my cheesecake flavored lip gloss and roll it over my lips again and again, sealing the kiss."

The Theme Of This Book is.....

Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall is a theme of Truth.

Main character Is......Tessa

Tessa lies about things to get out doing anything, like getting in trouble or plain schoolwork.

3 Character Traits: Polite, Picky,and Dishonest

Another Main Character is....... Tessa's Mom

She's picky how Tessa looks and wears. She works at the makeup shop at there home town mall.

3 Character Traits: Cold-hearted, Sarcastic, and Nagging

A Tessa quote

P.9 "And the thing that is most surprising, Is the thing you might not know, Is that the right light, heaven looks a lot like the mall.''
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