Students with Books Overdue

Originally Sent Monday 6/10, Updated Tuesday 6/18

Which grade level can get in all of their overdue books first?

I am placing overdue notices for students with books still out in your mailboxes today. As of this minute, there are:

  • 2 Kindergarteners with books still out (down from 12 last Monday)
  • 4 First Graders (down from 15 last Monday)
  • 7 Second Graders (down from 17 last Monday)
  • 6 Third Graders (down from 16 last Monday)
  • 2 Fourth Graders (down from 12 last Monday)
  • 2 Fifth Graders (down from 12 last Monday)

Thank you for all that you do in helping us get the books back in!