WLWV Community Update

April 13, 2020

Distance Learning for All Launches for All West Linn-Wilsonville Schools and Students

Distance Learning in West Linn-Wilsonville began on April 13 and will continue through the end of the 2019-20 school year on June 5.

At the heart of Distance Learning for All is a commitment to transform our education system to continue serving our students and communities during this unprecedented school closure. Distance Learning will take place primarily through Google Classroom, with paper packet learning available for students and families who prefer to learn in that format. Please be monitoring emails from teachers and principals for school-specific information.

Distance Learning for All Introduces Remaining Standards

Distance Learning For All is different from previously supplied Supplemental Learning. When schools were only temporarily closed, with the prospect of re-opening on April 29th, teachers provided supplemental learning which focused on reviewing previously learned skills to avoid regression during the closure. With the Governor's declaration that schools would remain closed all year, we moved to Distance Learning For All, which includes introducing the remaining standards still left to be taught this school year. Teachers have selected the most important remaining standards and are designing instruction around those in a way that students can access with the most independence at home.

Key Elements of Distance Learning:

  • Distance Learning is asynchronous learning. This means that students will be able to complete coursework and engage with their teacher(s) through individualized schedules that work best for individual families and students. Students are encouraged to create a routine that works best for them during Distance Learning.
  • Each student will regularly connect with their teacher(s)
  • Teachers and students prioritize time together on the most important and relevant learning.
  • Teachers, families, and caregivers work together as a team.
  • Teachers will continue to monitor, report, and record each student's progress towards learning goals and standards.
  • Schools will provide multiple opportunities that are flexible, particularly for high school students to earn course credit for graduation.

To learn more about Distance Learning for All, and to see additional supplemental learning opportunities for students, please visit the district website.

To read more about the Governor's Executive Order closing school buildings for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, as well as the most recent district updates, please visit the District Website's COVID-19 update page.

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Technology Device Access — Does Your Student Still Need a Device to Access Distance Learning?

The West Linn-Wilsonville IT Department has provided more than 3,000 devices to students over the past couple of weeks. If a student has not received a device and needs one to participate in Distance Learning, please schedule a time to pick up a device through the district website.

If students or families have technology-related questions or issues, are having trouble accessing Google Classroom, or need help accessing student learning, please visit this resource page on the district website. To connect with the IT Department with a specific question, please fill out this online form.

Meal Service During Extended Closure (including paper packets)

The Nutrition Services Department will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students throughout the extended closure.

Grab-and-Go meals are available for pick up Monday-Friday at all primary schools as well as West Linn High School from 10-11 a.m. Meals are available to all children aged 1-18 regardless of attendance area in the district. Students must be present to be given a meal.

Paper packet lesson plans will also be available at all meal sites for grades K-8 during pick up times starting on Monday of every week. Packets are specific to each school. Packet learning for Meridian Creek Middle School packets can be picked up at Boeckman Creek, Boones Ferry, Lowrie, and Stafford Primaries. Wood Middle School packets can be picked up at Boones Ferry and Lowrie Primaries. Rosemont Ridge Middle School packets can be picked up at West Linn High School. Athey Creek Middle School packets can be picked up at Stafford and Boeckman Creek Primaries.

Meal sites include:

  • Boeckman Creek Primary
  • Bolton Primary
  • Boones Ferry Primary
  • Cedaroak Park Primary
  • Lowrie Primary
  • Stafford Primary
  • Sunset Primary
  • Trillium Creek Primary
  • Willamette Primary
  • West Linn High School

West Linn High Robotics Students Create STEM Challenges for Students Across WLWV Schools

West Linn High School's Robotics Team is excited to announce their weekly STEM challenges. This week's challenge is to create a Rube Goldberg machine. Head to their website: http://wlhsfrc.com/outreach.php?pageFile=outreach&pageDisplayName=Outreach for more information.

2020-21 School Year Registration is Open for Kindergarten/Preschool Students; All Other Students New to West Linn-Wilsonville

New students who plan to enroll in West Linn-Wilsonville Schools for the 2020-21 school year can do so now! This includes:

  • Students who are set to enter preschool or kindergarten for the 2020-21 school year
  • Students who recently moved into the West Linn-Wilsonville School District
  • Any student not currently enrolled who lives in the West Linn-Wilsonville boundary and who plans to enroll in West Linn-Wilsonville schools for the 2020-21 school year.

For registration information, please visit the district website to download the required documentation. Registration information can be turned into any school distribution site Monday-Friday between 10-11 a.m. Meal sites include:

  • Boeckman Creek Primary
  • Bolton Primary
  • Boones Ferry Primary
  • Cedaroak Park Primary
  • Lowrie Primary
  • Stafford Primary
  • Sunset Primary
  • Trillium Creek Primary
  • Willamette Primary
  • West Linn High School

West Linn-Wilsonville Student Scientists Earn Northwest Science Expo Awards

West Linn High School, Arts and Technology High School, and Wilsonville High School students did an outstanding job this year competing in both the regional CREST Jane Goodall Science Symposium held on March 9 and the statewide virtual Northwest Science Expo held on April 10. Students demonstrated an impressive level of resilience and flexibility this year as they carried out their projects and presented them at the regional and statewide fair.

At the regional fair, 140 students presented their work in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We notice a bent towards developing solutions to practical problems this year with a number of projects developing alternatives to products that cause pollution, several that provide technical solutions for people who experience disabilities, early detection technologies for disease and injury in humans and in plants, and a number of projects related to developing tools for better understanding how changes in the environment are affecting life on the planet.

The following presents the category awards and special awards from the Northwest Science Expo, 2020 statewide competition followed by awards given to high school teams and individual projects at the regional CREST Jane Goodall Science Symposium.

See the complete list of 2020 winners here!

WLWV Students and Staff Create PPE Equipment for Health Care Professionals

With continued efforts across the nation to slow the spread of COVID-19, many West Linn-Wilsonville students and staff have spent their increased time at home to help combat the global pandemic.

Robotics students from Wilsonville and West Linn High Schools, in particular, have stepped up in a big way in recent weeks. Students from both schools, who compete in the First Robotics Competition league during the school year, started out by using their unique skillsets to create Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health professionals and first responders.

While students from West Linn’s Team 7034 To Be Determined and Wilsonville’s Team 1425 Error Code Xero spend the competition season as friendly rivals, they’ve turned teammates in the common fight against COVID-19. Creating much-needed equipment for Health Professionals across the Portland Metro area, students have used 3-D Printing technology to manufacture face shields and other PPE parts and masks for healthcare professionals at Meridian Park Hospital and OHSU.

With the robotics season still in flux, it would have been natural for robotics students to become dismayed, but the talented group instead set their efforts on helping those on the frontlines across the region.

Using resources from across the district, and thanks to donations from community partners such as the West Linn Public Library, students, staff members, and parent volunteers have continued to produce PPE equipment throughout the extended closure. But after days of work, students are now running out of school resources to continue creating PPE equipment. Students are seeking filament from the West Linn-Wilsonville. To donate to their cause, please contact Team 7023 at wlhsfrc@gmail.com or Team 1425 at errorcodexero@gmail.com.

West Linn Rotary Raises Money for COVID-19 Relief Through Virtual Fundraiser

The West Linn Rotary Foundation has announced a COVID-19 Virtual Fundraiser. All the money donated will go directly to the cause (or causes) you select. You can donate as little as $5. Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated. The West Linn Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

You can double the impact! The Rotary Club of West Linn and its Foundation will 100% match donations up to a maximum of $3,000.

To make an online donation, go to http://www.donate.westlinnrotary.org. The funds donated will go directly to the West Linn Rotary Foundation. The Foundation will send money as you select, with the match, directly to the cause (or causes), you select.

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