Spanish American War

By: Sidney Kaiser

Dear readers

Many reporters may add on to the events that are going on between Cuba and Spain . Some reporters have stories that may not tell the whole thing that happened, nor ot giving the whole truth. Some of the may not mention how Cuba rebelled and launched attacks on the Spain, also may not mention that the Spain reacted to that by concentration camps. Those camps are for Cubans who were supporting those surprise attacks. Those authors were simply giving you mis information and you should now believe them. Also made people look at the countries in a different way because of the mis information. Sorry to inform you about this

War Front

On June 20th our troop, led by General William Shafter, were just outside of Santiago. In all these different troops you can see a variety of forces. One of the trop volunteer was Theodore Roosevelt. He and Colonel Leonard Wood told the First U.S. These were a mix of college athletes and western cowboys. Later on July 1st they were told by General Shafter to launch an assault on Santiago. That after that was when they moved against Spanish troops along a ridge. While others fought for San Juan Hill. After a while of fighting in the battle they had won the ridge. We destroyed the Spanish squadron as it tried to leave the harbor and on July 17 they rendered. After the capture of Puerto Rico Spain agreed to a peace settlement on August 12th. It was estimated that about 5,500 Americans had died in the war. A lot causes of this death was from not having the right medicine and not disease also not having the right equipment. Even though the war had its ups and downs during the war we still ending up winning over seas

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