The Tech Boom

Rise of the Internet

The Dot.Com Boom

Once the internet hit, people used it for things ranging from businesses to research. Business did not have to follow the old codes while they were online. This also created a place where scientists and other researchers could talk globally and share findings much easier.

Microsoft and Bill Gates

Bill Gates created Microsoft and it changed the world completely. Microsoft is big into computer and software development. They have also made there way into the video game industry. They laid down the foundations for business in technology.


IBM created the first real business standard for computers. They also manufacture super computers which have revolutionized the entire tech world.

Created the first business market place and changed how people used the internet forever.


Established a very popular web portal and search engine. Revolutionized how people use the internet and find information on the internet.


One of the first big brands to emerge as a designer, builder, and repairer of computers and computer parts.


Created the first computer market where anyone could be the seller. This opened up the internet to many new bidding sites as well including penny bidding, art bidding, and millionaire bidding sites.

PC Era

The PC era brought in many new advancements in the tech world ranging from new ways to store files to powerful connections between friends, family, and colleagues.