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MN at DAC for meeting re: BIST at 12:00





1:00 to LHS to meet with referrals


NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

Week of Dec. 9 SEL Lesson

Lesson 14: Putting Your BEST Skills into Action

This lesson integrates the Trigger Situation Buster form with the application of BEST Communication skills, reinforcing both behaviors. You may want to take your time with this lesson, or spread it over a few sessions.

Prepare to distribute or project the Trigger Situation Buster Form. Also, have a copy of the Challenge Inventory for your reference.

  1. Circle: Have students give examples of when they were their BEST since the last lesson, whether in trigger situations or not. Discuss/role play where appropriate. Have students articulate where BEST skills were or were not used by those involved. (Let students know that putting those skills in action is harder than it seems, especially in emotionally charged situations.

  2. Skill introduction: Talk with students about the fact that the TSB form and its process can also be used for incidents other than trigger situations and can help students talk and think about any difficult situation.

Looking at the TSB form, ask for a situation from a student. Use the TSB form to discuss the situation, and use the BEST skills to discuss a solution.

Writing Prompt: When is it hardest for you to be your BEST (appropriate Body language, eye contact, speech, tone of voice)? WHy? What is it about the person, place, time ,or situation that makes it hard?

Small Mall Coming!

Hey, thanks for cleaning out the closets!! Now, send a kid out to your car to bring in all the goodness for our Small Mall!!

If EVERY staff member brought a minimum of 5 items, that would be nearly 100 items added to our small mall!

Take our mission to social media--your friends and family may have something to donate!!

Can you share this info at least ONE way this week?! If you need the flyer, let me know!

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