NCI Instructor Newsletter

Fall 2015

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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!

We hope you had a great and restful summer!

IMPORTANT! Take just a moment to check the Oakland County NCI Instructor List

Please check if your information is accurate and send any corrections or updates to Erika Geyman

You can also view the number of instructors per district. As you can see, there are a few districts that do not have any instructors. Oakland County Map

Please let us know when you have open seats at your trainings! Email Erika Geyman to tell us when it is, what type of training you are holding, and who to contact in your district.

Instructors are allowed to train participants from any other Oakland County Public School District!

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Need Workbooks for your Fall Training?

Order your NCI Training Workbooks through Oakland Schools and receive discounted prices! Complete the workbook order form

Workbook orders must be placed at least 1 week prior to the training date to ensure your order can be filled on time.

Look how much you could save!

Full Course: Oakland Schools price: $11.16

CPI price: $15.93

Refresher: Oakland Schools price $8.93

CPI price $11.19

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2015-2016 Training Opportunities at Oakland Schools

Congratulations to the NCI Instructors who renewed in June!

LeeAnn Brose, Deb Camphous, Julie Conn, Sherrie Daniels, Deb Fredericks, Kristin Gembis, Jill Guanco, Kent Hurst, Stacey Lusky, Wendy Marshick, Robin Purnell, Janis Schiffer, Erin Shaughnessy, Vicki Wilson Widman, and Sommer Yono
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Up for Renewal?

Remember, any instructors that will need to be renewed will be taking CPI’s new enhanced training. Upon completion, you will achieve an upgraded 2 year CPI certification and reset your renewal clock.

There is a training at the Marriott Detroit Southfield December 1-4, 2015. Call toll free at 877-877-5390 to register.