The Ririe Report

November 15, 2021

This Week...


  • Mixed and improper fractions, simplify (reduce) fractions


  • Finish up electrical energy and begin unit on force.


  • Fractions

Turkey Trot

Please join our class this Friday (Nov. 19th) for a few laps around the track. You can have fun walking or running around the track with your kids (the actual race is only 15 minutes long).

Meet us outside during our specials time - 8:15 am. The more laps we do, the more points we'll collect, so help us win!

Patriotism is Alive and Well at Elm Grove!

I am so proud of our school for the way we honored our veterans on Veteran's Day. It was so nice seeing so many students with flags and hats and signs. Standing with my class, singing God Bless The USA brought me to tears.

My husband was a commander in the US Navy and he served until he passed away in 2007. My son is a Navy SEAL and is currently on his fourth deployment in the middle east. I know of the sacrifices made by our military families, and am always grateful for those who have served.

It's Electrifying!

The students had a great time during labs this week. They learned about open/closed circuits and conductors/insulators of electricity. I think their favorite thing, though, was the discovery that their bodies could actually become part of a closed circuit. Here they are, using themselves as well as other objects to try to light the energy ball.