tBSU General Body Meeting

Main Topic: Dialogue on Black History Month

General Body Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 8-9pm

Weatherhead Hall/SoHo

Hey tBSU!

The first tBSU General Body meeting is February will be THIS WEDNESDAY at 8pm in Weatherhead/SoHo!

IF YOU ORDERED A T-SHIRT/SWEATSHIRT, BRING THE MONEY TO THIS MEETING OR DROP IT OFF IN THE OMA by 4:00pm ON WEDS. This means you have until Wednesday to place an order on the google form so you can still get one even if you missed the deadline of last week. The link is in the body of the email this announcement was sent it

  • Tshirts are $9
  • Sweatshirts at $15

At this meeting we will:

  • Collect money for tShirts/Sweatshirts (8:00-8:05pm)
  • Go over minute details for Black Arts Festival (8:05-8:15pm)
  • Have a dialogue of the meaning, significance and relevance of Black History Month facilitated by the eBoard (8:15pm-9pm)


Check out the program of events, especially the Student Exhibitions on THURSDAY Feb 6th where General Body Members Kelsey Reynolds will be showcasing her beautiful photography and Alex Williams will be presenting on the concept of "Femininity as Imprisonment"

Monday, February 3 (6:30pm, LBC: 203)
"The Edge of Each Other's Battles: The Vision of Audre Lorde" This documentary by Jennifer Abod explores the work of Audre Lorde. (60 Minutes)

Tuesday, February 4 (6:30pm, Rogers Memorial Chapel)
Silence, Fear and Sacred Power: An AfroLez®femcentric Meditation by Aishah Shahidah Simmons in the 80th Birthday Anniversary of Our Audre Lorde.

Wednesday, February 5 (6:30pm, LBC: 203)
No! The Rape Documentary
A documentary by Aishah Shahidah Simmons followed by Q&A with director/producer. This award-winning, internationally-acclaimed documentary explores the international reality of rape and other forms of sexual assault through the first person testimonies, scholarship, spirituality, activism and cultural work of African-Americans.

Thursday, February 6 (9am-6pm, LBC: Qatar Ballroom)
Student Exhibition of Work Inspired by Audre Lorde
This day-long exhibition will include panels, paper presentations, art displays, short film screenings, performances and more to highlight the work that Tulane students are producing at the intersections of race, class, sexuality, and gender. It is 100% student-led, organized, and moderated.

My Black is Beautiful Thursday 6pm, LBC: Stibbs - A dialogue on the various implications of beauty on Black Womanhood

Friday, February 7 (noon, Caroline Richardson Building)
Luncheon with Deon Haywood, Founder of Women with a Vision. This special Fridays at Newcomb will feature Deon Haywood, the Executive Director of Women With A Vision (WWV). WWV is New Orleans-based community organization founded in 1991 to improve the lives of marginalized women at the intersection of HIV/AIDS, harm reduction, LGBTQ rights, reproductive justice, and criminalization.

Friday, February 7 at 7pm (Newcomb College Institute)
Celebrate the end of Audre Lorde Week with friendship and, of course, food! Bring a dish to share and come relax with old and new friends to continue Lorde's work of organizing across differences of race, gender, class, age, sexuality, ability, and more. All are welcome.