The Integumentary System

By: Tochi, Catie and Maddie

Profile about our system

Hi guys I'm the Integumentary system! I protect your Skin, Hair, Nails, and Glands. I'm in all Human bodies and some things I protect are in Animals. Here are some other things about me.

How it works

The skin and the other parts of integumentary system work in your body to maintain and support the conditions that you cells, tissues, and organs need to function properly.

Main Components

This organ system has many components but the main ones are the Skin, Hair, Nails and the glands. Although the skin is only a couple millimeters thick, it is the largest organ in the system.

Here are the functions of the main components:

Skin- Protection, insulation, temperature regulation.

Hair- for animals- protection, heat retention, sensory(whiskers) for humans- protects our heads from solar uv radiation, eyebrows keeps perspiration from running into your eyes.

Nails- to Protect fingers, increase feeling when touching an object, supplies nutrients to the matrix.

Glands- the glands function is to produce materials needed throughout your body, and to release materials, like tears.

Medical Problems

You can get skin cancer from the sun. Your nails can be damaged by alcohol (nail polish remover) and you can get ingrown nails or fungus under your nail. Your hair can be damaged by the sun, not brushing it right and not cleaning it.

Relationship With Other Systems

The Integumentary system (also known as skin system) is an organ system that contains organs that have a job to protect the body. This system also works with other systems though. The Circulatory system provides food needed for the cells in the skin, this is how the Circulatory systems interacts with the Integumentary system( or skin system.) This is the Circulatory systems job, to provide materials needed in the human body. The Integumentary system also helps other systems, like the Nervous system. The Integumentary system helps the nervous by the skin having embedded nerve cells to feel things.

How we can improve our lifestyle habits to prevent health-related problems?

We can improve our life habits by:

  • Putting on Sunscreen
  • Making sure we don't do damage to our hair
  • To clip all your nails
  • And working out while being hydrated.

The Human Skin Animation Video