Knights of Literary Reads

Reese H.

About Me

I rarely read. I learned to read in first grade from my parents. My purposes are usually I’m forced to.But when i read on my own I read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


My goals are to read bigger books. I don’t want to improve on anything. Except read more, I just need to read more because I really never read.

My Favorites

I funny, where the sidewalk ends Diary of a Wimpy kid. I really like the Diary of a wimpy kid series, I like them because they are funny.

My Blog

I’m reading nothing right now. I read Wonder last. My last reading experience was reading Wonder because it was sad at some points and funny at some points. I read Wonder. Because Mrs. Todd wanted to read it to the whole class. Yes I enjoyed it. It was a good book about a kid who has a face disease and he learns to get friends and get use to kids looking at him strangely.

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Origins an Influences

  • He's been asked if it’s realistic to have my characters doing all the wild things they do in my stories. He laughs when he answers, “You bet it is!” he knows a child can fly an airplane, parachute, survive storms alone, love the night, and much, much more. He knows because as a child he did those things.

Books, genres

Ben has a passion for helping kids break out of labels and discover their own special genius. When he writes he writes about survival and realistic fiction books. He wrote Touching Spirit Bear, Petey, Stranded, Countdown, and Tree Girl, and much more.


When students ask him to become a better writer, he answers “Go out and live! You can’t pour water from an empty bucket. Experience life. Then never quit writing about it!” Now when someone asks him, “Is it realistic for a bad student to grow up and become an author?” he says, “You bet it is!”


He had a pet bear. His handwriting looked like worms had mud-wrestled on the page. He thought this meant he was a bad writer. Yet he loved to hide under the covers at night with a flashlight in his mouth, scribbling ideas and stories on a piece of paper.


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