Recreation Center

Due Jan. 31, 2014

We need your creative skills.

Your school is building a recreation center for the students. Your task is to assist in planning the floor plans.


  • Use large white paper to show the floorplans of the room.

  • The perimeter must be equal to 144 linear square feet.

  • The scale of one-inch equals one foot will be used throughout this project.

  • The room cannot be a square or a rectangle.

  • Windows and doorways are included in the perimeter.

  • To obtain 100 points your group must include all of the accessories listed on the next page. Everything must be neat and organized.

  • All decisions must be made by the entire group.

Student Checklist

Name of Building: __________________________


  • Pool Table - Dimensions 3 ft by 7 ft
  • 1 Couch - Dimensions 1 ft by 4 ft
  • Snack Table - Area of 6 square feet
  • Ping Pong Table - Perimeter of 12 linear feet
  • Big Screen TV - Dimensions 3 ft by 2 ft
  • 10 3D chairs - Seat has area of 1 square ft
  • 3D Refrigerator - Volume of 5 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft
  • Card Table - Must have at least 6 sides
  • Game Table - Area of 10 square feet
  • Triangular Fountain in middle of main room - area of 9 square feet

***Use a ruler to be sure the recreation center and each accessory is cut to scale. Additional items may be added after the required items are complete.***

Landscape the property:

  • 2 flowerbeds with dimensions of 1 ft by 5 ft
  • 3 differently shaped flowerbed with perimeter of 12 feet each.