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December 2014 Issue

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Welcome to the December Issue!!!

I want to wish each and every one of you a very "Merry Christmas!" As we gather near or far, to be with family and friends this special time of year, let us open our hearts to the love, hope, and joy that our Savior brought to us (and still brings to us) like He did that first Christmas in Bethlehem. May He bless you and your families abundantly in the coming new year!

~Marie, Brian & family
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Just to clarify a couple of things about the promotions for December....

  • Anyone can get the 10% off Wintergreen Essential OIl
  • For the Product of the Month, you must have an LRP (Loyalty Rewards ) of at least 125PV (point amount ~not dollar amount), before the 15th of the month.
  • For the FREE 15ml Frankincense, anyone can receive this WITH a 200PV order(again, points are what count--not the dollar amount). This special is good until Dec. 31st, and you may place more than one 200PV order and receive a FREE Frankincense with each of those orders!!! Yay!!!
  • Please call or email us if you have questions about placing your order, or would like help placing your order ~ 419-443-0091 or smith83me@yahoo.com
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Check out the following holiday diffuser blends:


Essential Oils:

5 drops Frankincense

4 drop Myrrh

3 drops Wild Orange


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