In teenagers

Teen girls are more prone to depression than teen boys.

During puberty the girls brain goes through a transition, this is called a remodeling stage.

Why is knowing about depression important?

Depression effects most people. I did this project because I want people to realize that depression is common in our society, and there are ways to get help.

statistics for depression.

"Girls are more likely to attempt suicide, but boys are more likely to commit suicide."

Rates for depression in teens is about 31%. Depression is twice as more possible in girls than it is in boys.

Mild depression

Bad days are common. Teens are easily aggravated. School causes stress, and anxiety. Drama causes self esteem issues. Everyone will have a period in their life where they just want to give up. Where they have their lowest lows. This is mild depression. ( Self harm can happen with mild depression.

Severe Depression

With severe depression, its common to not be able to get out of bed. Not because you just want an extra five minutes of sleep, but because you can't find a reason to. Suicidal thoughts and tendencies are very common. Severe depression is normally when doctors hand out anti-depressants.

Self Harm

"It is a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling."- Jimmy Buffet

Self harm can happen with any type of depression.

Different types of self harm are,

  • cutting
  • burning of skin
  • biting
  • pulling of hair
Self harm is a form of deliberate, non-suicidal destruction (Favazza). The most common form of self harm is cutting. It is a self inflicted pain that one has control over.

  • One in every 200 teens suffer from self harming.


Anti-depressants can be used for any kind of depression. Though doctors generally give them to Severe depression patients.

Suicide hotline phone number

1 (800) 273-8255