China Internet Censorship

Learn about how China censors it's internet.

What is it?

China censorship is when China blocks their Citizen's access to certain websites. This means that they put a wall between the outside internet and the people's access to it. Basically, it's when the Government suppresses speech, public communications, or other information. When people attempt to access news, it's changed to make China look good and other Countries bad, and the people know only what the government wants them to know.

What is blocked?

China blocks news sites that criticize them, world news that may be deemed hostile to their position of power, or things of that sort. This includes the recently leaked 'Panama Papers', in which relatives of Government Official's have been called out on notorious and inhumane actions. Furthermore, anything that could threaten to overthrow them, proof of corruption or espionage. Information on what other Countries are really like, vs Chinese propaganda.

Why does China block it?

The Chinese Government blocks it for a multitude of reasons. They block most Western media because of scenarios like the recently mass-covered 'Panama Papers' that contain leaked Government documents . Besides that, they block western social media and internet browsers so that the Chinese people go to the domestic based companies, giving them more profit. Furthermore, they do so to block western propaganda against their Country.

"The Great Firewall of China"

Also known as the Golden Shield Project it's a Government controlled WebGate that blocks anything entered into the blacklist. The blacklist includes all created websites in the world. The whitelist -- on the other hand, must be manully entered to access. For example -- let's say a website named was created by the Government, it would be inaccessable by default, because it wasn't on the whitelist. The Government would have to manually go in and add it to the whitelist, thereby allowing access.

Protest Against "The Great Firewall if China"

Thursday, April 7th, 9pm

Beijing, China

Beijing, Beijing

We'll be protesting 'The Golden Shield Project' aka 'The Great Firewall of China'. Bring some signs, and be prepared to peacefully protest.