Bringing the Community Together

Our Mission

Create an interactive community driven marketplace that allows cosplayers to buy and sell their used costumes, wigs, accessories, and Lolita outfits.

About Us

In October 2013, a small group of friends came together to design, develop, and pitch a community driven effort. Their goal was simple. Target the current Buy/Sell market for the Cosplay & Lolita community and make it even better.

Everybody knows the current system could be better. We'll make it better.

Everyone knows it can get better

After briefly asking cosplayers across North America about the current used cosplay and lolita sales market we brought together some key quotes:

"Waiting forever for the winner of an auction to pay when there's clearly other people waiting in the wings to buy it and ASAP"

"People who want to pay in $20 increments bi-weekly"

"There not being a good way to sell items, and as a result of the uncontrolled environment people being flaky, cheap and even scamming others"

Cosplay is trending!

The speed of Cosplay as a trending hobby is growing! Not only has convention attendance grown every subsequent year, Cosplay is starting to trend on Google searches! Have a chart or two:

Big image

What does this all mean? Now is the perfect time to get involved!

What are we bringing to the table?

1. Community driven development. Beginning with ALA. My business partner and I want to go face-to-face with Cosplayers & Lolitas at the Con. We want to survey Cosplayers & Lolitas directly about what they like and don't like about the current system. What they would like to see. Then finally let them know what our plans are, and whether they'd be interested in joining our mailing list.

2. Convention panel Q&A. Annually at all conventions that my team and I are able to visit we'd like to hold focus-testing panels. We want to discuss our website, and we want to hear what people like and dislike about it. Then it's back to the drawing boards to continuously adapt. We don't believe there is only one right way, our system is fluid.

3. Reputation system. Our system will implement a series of points and badges for users that can document their purchasing and sales history on CosDemand. We want our system to not only be secure and convenient, we want it to be fun.

4. Cost-efficient. We refuse to take more than we need from the users. Our commission costs will under-cut Ebay's current cost system and charge only 5% per transaction. Using our commission costs, advertisement revenue, and supply transactions we hope to develop and grow our business into a larger and more sustainable organization.

5. Attractive. We're an artistic community. We want something that looks nice.

6. Access to Cosplay Supplies, Accessories, Props, Wigs, Costumes, and Lolita clothing. We want to standardize and centralize access to these materials.

Our commitment to community and transparency:

Ultimately we are asking for aid. And in regards to aid it could be anything such as marketing aid, setting up flyer distributions, network possibilities with individuals who would be interested, anything!

We're a rag-tag team of young entrepreneurs, and all help is good help!

Furthermore any and all donations or investments will be legally bound on our end. Funds will only be accepted after legal contracts have been drawn up and accepted. Our company is not interested in taking money for ourselves. We want to grow and develop into a strong business that is community driven and can solve a serious problem that continues to persist. All funds accepted will 100% be re-invested into the company for development, wages/honorariums, licensing adequate services (such as a security system, transaction API's, CRM's, web-hosting fees, and etc), as well as any other business related fees.