Graphic designer

What does it take?


1:What career did you choose?

2:What do you do?

3:What kind of education do you need?

4:How much would you make?

5:How many of these are in the U.S?

6:Will it become more or less popular? Why will it?

7:What are some similar jobs?

1: I chose a graphic designer because I like to make art that people can help me make!

2: We make designs to promote something.

3: I'd need a bachelors degree.

4: I'd earn around 18.38$ - 29.34$ per hour.

5: There is 1,870 jobs of this in the U.S.

6: The job will become more popular because most of the people who do this retire as well as the fact that the Internet is growing.

7: Some similar jobs are directors, editors and publishers.