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COTS Presents #TheHappinessProject !


COTS exists to alleviate homelessness by providing an array of services that enable people to achieve self-sufficiency and obtain quality affordable housing. COTS also exists to advocate for long-term solutions to the problems of homelessness.

Since 1982, COTS has been committed to serving the most vulnerable members of the Detroit community. With a rich continuum of programs and services that empower people, COTS is proud to report measurable results of the agency’s efforts.


Service: doing for others

Integrity: doing the right thing

Impact: accountable for measurable results

Human Dignity: compassionately respecting others value

Collaboration: building intentional relationships

Generosity of Spirit: giving of ourselves

The Happiness Project

As COTS is transitioning to a family only facility, to further enhance the sustainability programming, the COTS Happiness Project promotes a creative opportunity to improve the quality of COTS consumer’s experiences. Creative individuals, particularly with a background or experience in interior design are strongly encouraged to biannually participate in a two weekend project giving back to the COTS community. With a capacity to increase functional use of community spaces within the Petersboro location, COTS is in need of design upgrades. Community spaces are to be family friendly and foster individual growth and development. Renovations to the Chill Room, Dining Room, and Outdoor Patio space will further enhance and support COTS family focused mission.

Project Goals:

To continually provide a space for COTS consumers to feel at home in that evolves over the years to continually reflect the needs and desires of the consumers. Ultimately providing a safe haven, and home, where they feel nurtured and supported allowing them to focus on the important needs in their lives. The Happiness Project aims to facilitate COTS mission to serve families, update and increase the functionality of community spaces within the Peterboro building to be family friendly and foster individual growth and development, and bring the community together in a life changing experience for participants just as much as Consumers.

Project Overview: Renovation of “Chill Room,” Dining Room, and outdoor patio.

Project Objectives: Design a space for parents to relax, feel calm, and build relationships with other residents. Design a safe and creative space for children to play, enjoy outdoors, and socialize with other children. These three spaces should reflect the organizations family values and branding, inspire residents and employee creativity, provide a calm and carefree are where residents can forget their challenges, and utilize the spaces more effectively.

Project Location: 26 Peterboro St. Detroit, MI

Program Dates:

(Week 1) Jan. 31st & Feb. 1st

(Week 2) Feb. 7th & 8th

Spatial Dimensions:

Chill Room – TBD

Dinning Room – TBD

Outdoor Patio – TBD

Needs Assessment:

We need a space for parents to escape from parenting duties, relax, and enjoy personal time, worry free. We need a dining space where families can come together and intimately enjoy dinner together or with another family. This space needs to foster feelings of comfort, trust, and familial independence. Lastly, we need an outdoor space that is child friendly, encourages joy and creativity, and provides a space for parents to relax and bond with their children in a creative way while enjoying the outdoors.

Special Requirements:

Each family friendly room (dining & patio) should have a plethora of interactive activities for children to enjoy and socialize with each other, while also allowing parents to be at ease and know their children are safe from any harm. All spaces should create an environment that emits a sense of calm and uplifting feelings.


$10,000 limit. Subject to change, this budget will cover designing, construction, furniture, sales tax, contingency, fees.

List of services performed by applicants:

Schematic Design

  • Site evaluation
  • Review of building code & local regulations as it pertains to your project.
  • Space plan(s).
  • Inventory COTS storage furniture.

Design Development

  • COTS Consumer and Staff surveys for each room
  • Basic design development sketches of key ideas and millwork.
  • Presentation of recommended finishes, fixtures, and furniture.
  • Perspective renderings of the design concept.
  • Inventory of furniture assets in COTS’s storage.

Project Collaboration

  • Empathy exercise with COTS staff.
  • Communication with COTS Project Coordinator over the course of the event.
  • Follow-up documentation providing Needs Assessments, Best Practices, & Lessons Learned.

Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF and E) Procurement

  • Determine equipment needed to perform tasks
  • Identify and select Furniture and Fixtures that satisfy the needs and desires of COTS consumers (derived from empathy and survey)
  • Coordinate delivery and installation of FF and E with Project Coordination.
  • List of items needed from COTS’s storage

Existing Furniture Resources:

COTS has a small warehouse with excess furniture available for use in this project.

There will be a walk through of the spaces during the first week of the event.

Questions? Please contact;

Aisha Morrell

Event Coordinator

(313) 831-3777