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Basic information

The name of the country is Belize,

the capital is Belmopan

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Physical Features

The terrain consists of swampy coastal plains, and southern mountains. The country is 8,867 square miles in total size. it has a rain forest-like environment with toucans and bananas.though, Belize is ravaged by devastating hurricanes

Natural resources

Natural resources include refined sugar, oranges, and papaya

Negative environment interactions

Deforestation, water pollution, agricultural runoff.

Human geography

the official language of Belize is English. the dominant religion is Roman catholic. the national Belize holiday is independence day (1981)


as of 2013, the population is 340,844.
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GDP and GDP per capita

GDP = 3 billion a year

GDP per capita = 8,800

a place to visit

lighthouse reef belize, the blue hole
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