4 steps to improve your English

Easy Way to Learn English

Simple 4 steps to improve your English speaking skill

English language is now become official language in all countries for communication. English is a common language in different country's peoples. If you want to learn English and improve it then you need to focus on different areas which listed below:

1) Pronunciation:

First and important thing to speak clear and correct manner is depend on good pronunciation. If your pronunciation is not good then other people can't understand that what you trying to say them. Speak with good pronunciation means your English sound clear and other can easily understood.

Many people think that they are not good to speak English because their Pronunciation but in reality that is not true because different countries peoples have different pronunciation use to speak English.

2) Listening:

Listening means you can listen properly that what people say to you. There are some different techniques to improve your listening skill.

Gist listening

Gist listening means understand some general things. E.g. if you sell something then you would be understood that what people l want from you without understand everything people say to you.

Detail Listening

Detail Listening means you have to understand in detail that people said to you. E.g. if someone explain you about some location or area then you would to know that place's popular thing like mall, river, bank, market and so on.

3) Fluency

Generally people say that he/she is speak very fluently that means he/she have good English speaking skill. In real fluently means speak English without pause and hesitation. Some people speak English with good fluency but if they haven't good pronunciation skill then you can't understand them, and if some people only know some few words but they speak it with no pauses then they have good fluency.

Having good fluency means people show interest to listen you and if you take pauses while speaking then people get frustrated.

4) Rhythm and Intonation:

Having nice rhythm and intonation can help you to speak clearly and other can easily understand.

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