Justice in society

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Describe the crisis that affected each community shown in the two documentaries.

The crisis that affected two towns of jasper was the killing of James Bryd by 3 white men. The three men dragged James to his death chained to the back of there truck, and the crisis that affected the night James Brown saved Boston was Martin Luther King Jrs. death.

What role do leaders play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis and in preventing other crises?

James brown is a leader because he had a healing affect after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 5, 1969. Walter Diggles was the community leader in Two Towns of Jasper, after the killing of James Byrd Jr. by getting dragged three miles by a truck of three white men. Walter Diggles chooses the penalty's of what the white men deserved for killing James Byrd. Two men got a death penalty and the other man got prison for life. Only one man out of the two death penalty's are still to this day waiting to die and the one is still in prison.


1. Who was it that didn't want blacks and whites mixed?

"Race Relations"

2. What did the cematary represent in the two towns of Jasper?

"Color lines very clearly drawn"

3. Why did 2 out of 3 people kill James Byrd Jr.?

"Race Relations"

4. What is the dislike to different colored people?


5. What did Mr. Browns music on April 5, 1968 have on the people after the assassinatoin of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 5,1968.

"The healing affect"
James Brown pays respect to Martin Luther King, Jr. Live at the Boston Garden. April 5, 1968.