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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

September 28, 2015

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead

Weekly Theme: I Am Special

Literature Corner


Our theme this week will emphasize the uniqueness of each child as God's very own creation. From the special name given at birth to the tips of the fingers and fingerprints, each child is a miracle of God. We will discover and celebrate who we are. Please send in a small baby picture of your child in a paper envelope. Your child's name needs to be on the back of the picture. The picture will be returned. A fun game of "Guess the Baby" will be played. Please send in the picture as soon as possible.

Each child will bring home a paper lunch bag on Tuesday. Put three small items in the bag that tell about your child’s interests, someone or something that is very special to your child. All bags need to be returned to school by Wednesday. Then each day we will share a few bags with the class. This will help us learn and celebrate our differences and likenesses. All bags will be returned later.

As we work with letters, the sound/symbol association will be made, the letter will be written, and words will be made from the sounds. Putting the sounds together to make a word is called blending. We will also work on using words. Our words this week are: I, am, me. We will make a Me Mobile and Me Books. We will continue to work on recognizing and reading color words. A song, “Orange is a Carrot” will help reinforce color words. The letter Tt will be written and words like cat, sat, mat, at, see, bee, cab, and am.


Graphing personal data like eye color, hair color, right-left handedness, and birthdays is not only a way to count and compare, but it helps us think and problem solve. We will also compare how much our hands will hold. By using different sizes of manipulatives, the desired outcome is that children will conclude that the larger the manipulative, the fewer the number of the items that can be held in the hand. We will measure and compare some of our body proportions and learn some of the marvelous secrets of God’s creative designs.

Our Math in Focus Book has us involved in creating patterns and then identifying and completing a given pattern. Pattern is everywhere in our world. As children become problem solvers, whether in math or in their world, it helps to find the pattern and identify it.

iTRAILS StoryTime with Miss Dee: I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont

Mark Your Calendar

Grandparents Day - Friday, October 2

Homecoming Festival - Friday, October 9 (more information to come)

Sharon Wood Field Trip - Tuesday, October 13

Camping Day - Thursday, October 15

Cosi - Wednesday, October 21 ( volunteers still needed)

Nocturnal Rotations - Monday October 26

Parent Teacher Conferences - Wednesday October 28, 4:30-8:30 and Thursday 8:30-3:00

No School for students October 28-November 2. School resumes November 3rd.


Dear Families,

The two weeks of color days has be a lot of fun. There has also been a lot of learning to write, spell and read. I am amazed at the progress that two weeks has brought! Awesome! Additionally, each child has made a very special "snippet" book of our colors. Each page represents your child being able to listen, follow directions, and then implement the recognition of small paper shapes, turning those shapes into a wonderful page in a color book. The words in the book can be sang and read as book produced by your child.

We are hard at work for Grandparents Day. We will do a program about the seasons, make a special card for grandparents, and then invite our grandparents to share making a special book together. The excitement is building!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful parents this week to volunteer in our class! Our Book-in-a-Bag is now in progress. Miss Shelly is coming every Monday to do sight word rings. This is our second week of homework. I hope that you are feeling comfortable with all of the progress. Please let me know if you have concerns or questions.