Sustainability Project

Elizabeth Fisher




Sustainability is the ability to be supported and creates and maintains the conditions in which human and nature can exist in peaceful harmony. It is brought about by maintaining a safe environment full of life and clean air to breathe. "The Good" stands for the good things in life and how they are beneficial to the environment. "The Bad" stands for the bad things in life and how they are polluting our earth and slowly making it unsafe to live.

Economics and Politics

The government is doing the best they can to keep the earth healthy, while still making money. Taxes are being put on oil, but they still make money from it. They are trying to see whats best for the environment and for the economy.

How To Spread The Word

Sustainability needs to be taught to younger children so they grow up learning about how to protect the environment and choice economic friendly alternatives. Getting the word out about sustainability and protecting the environment can help lower the percentage of people who don't recycle and people who drive their cars all the time.