E-Commerce Jobs

By: Deia J. Dennis

Assistant E-commerce Site Manager

Job Description: Manages the overall administrative responsibilities of the business, Evaluates market trends and communicates findings with buyer, Manages samples and photo-shoot preparation, Complies all necessary reporting to assist buyer in daily/weekly/monthly/yearly decision making, Communicates issues to buyer using the appropriate communication channels.

Salary: The median salary is $30,000.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Merchandising, Marketing, or related field. 1-2 years of experience in Ecommerce, buying, merchandising experience


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A Day in the Life of an E-Commerce Manager

E-Commerce Marketing Manager

Job Description: Regularly analyze customer and user behavior patterns to assist in the formulation of customer segmentation tactics, Monitor, analyze and regularly report (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) on key business metrics, Manage the development and deployment of email marketing campaigns, Oversee the regular communication of company promotions to external marketing agencies/partners Assist in large-scale analysis projects focused on addressing complex business questions, Continually look to extend and enhance the company's ability to drive brand awareness, Assist in monitoring competitor activities and trends in the online food marketplace.

Salary: The median salary is $95,000 - 100,000 a year.

Education: 4-year college degree and 5+ years of consumer marketing experience with at least 3 years related eCommerce experience.


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E-commerce tips with Imaginet's Marketing Manager, Paula Dauncey

YouTube Vlogger

Job Description: You record videos on Youtube ,and allow the site to post ads on your channel.

Salary: Your salary varies depending on how many views you get on each of your videos.

Education: You have to sign up with the YouTube Partner Program and adshare. No experience is required.

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Ebay Seller

Job Description: You sale items to customers online through Ebay.

Salary: The salary depends on the amount of money you make from what you are selling.

Education: There is no education or experience requirement necessary.

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