April Newsletter | Vol. 9

Academic Calendar

  • April 1: Spring Drop/Withdrawal Deadline
  • May 6: Spring - Last Day of Classes
  • May 7: Dead Day
  • May 10-14: Spring Final Exams
  • May 14-15: In-person Commencement ceremonies
  • May 19: Grades are Due
  • May 20: Grades are posted to student records

GTF 2.0 Scholars

Microsoft Teams

For Greater Texas Foundation 2.0 Scholars, we recently made Teams for your specific cohorts as a way to efficiently communicate with you besides email. In that location, we will provide you with information about your mandatory workshops and anything that needs to be discussed. Please look out for them as we will be sending messages! If you are unable to access the Team, please email us with your concerns.

GTF 2.0 Workshops

For GTF 2.0 Scholars, it is mandatory for you to attend a workshop each semester in order to keep your scholarship. We have begun the workshops as GTF 2.0 Cohort III recently had theirs, so stay on the lookout for any updates that we will be sending through Microsoft Teams!

Student Spotlight of the Month: Michelle Martinez

Behavioral Neuroscience Doctoral Student

Mission Early College High School C/O 2013

Michelle Martinez has been working diligently towards her goals and has not stopped after attending MECHS! She has achieved great things as an undergraduate student at UTEP such as being a liaison for the International Honor Society of Psi Chi! In addition, she has presented research in Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at regional and international conferences!

With her passion for Psychology, she seeks out for opportunities and has been using them to the fullest. For example, she has worked with Dr. Wendy Francis in Experimental Psychology for her Masters and now works with Dr. Ian Mendez as a Behavioral Neuroscience PhD student.

Michelle is an outstanding student and the Early College Academic Success Center cannot wait to see what she will do next in life!

"With the support of my parents and my own will to succeed, I have been able to be in a position where I can communicate with the public about science and expand my knowledge on neuroscience."

Student Spotlight Submissions

Attending UTEP while being in High School is a great accomplishment! Hence, we want to recognize your achievements as Early College Students! We also want to recognize the achievements of ECHS alumni who are currently UTEP students!

We have created a Google Form for you to submit the names of students who you think have gone above and beyond in their life! We will select the students and share their stories over social media and in the next month's newsletter!

We look forward to reading your submissions!

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