The Ultimate "how did you meet?"

MATE CHASE : March 23 & 24 in NYC

Track Meat 10K is Earth’s oldest, most serious run. Cheek'd has saved millions of people from being cold and lonely at night. This Spring, they're partnering to bring you the ULTIMATE FIRST DATE.

MATE CHASE is a special wave of Track Meat 10K- a dirty, adrenaline pumping obstacle course, set in 40,000 BC. Your mission in Mate Chase is to catch potential mates while running, dodging, climbing, crawling and clawing your way to survival through a physically brutal course designed by ex-US Army Rangers.

After the run, reconnect with your new mates, whether you captured them or they captured you. Either way, celebrate your new found love. (Ahem: no actual mating allowed on course.)

Trophies, Medals? Ha, Cute. Your Ancestors Ran for Meat. (And Sex). Track Meat 10K Restores the Original Game

What does 10,000 lbs of meat look like? We don’t know either, but we’re gonna make it happen for you. Whole animals roasted, grilled, or BBQ’d to succulent perfection.

Picture it: You just finished a run for the ages and now you're mingling with thousands of other sweaty, dirty, happy people. Ribs in one paw or maybe a beer. Arm in arm with the possible love of your life... How’s the second date gonna measure up?!? We don’t know, but that’s a good problem to have.


Price increases December 31 at midnight. Planning to have a wingman or even a few of them? Register as a team and get word to your crew.

Register now at:

March 23 & 24
Brooklyn, NY at Floyd Bennett Field.

30 mins from Union Square, Manhattan.

Join the hunt.

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