Animal Abuse

By Sydney Hamilton



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Did you know animals die because of shelters? Enjoyable shelters are temporary homes that don’t kill or sell them too other shelters. They make them feel good. Terrible shelters sell them too other shelters and kill them if they aren’t sold in a month, week, or even an hour.

Teens are standing up for animals. They are starting animal rights groups, meetings and are helping animals and they're shelter. They are inspiring adults and kids too start helping the animals in need. They are also motivating to help the shelter so they can provide food and other things for the animals. It does not matter what age you are too start helping, teens want to change peoples feelings for animals.

Shelters produce homes for homeless animals. Shelters provide homes for dogs, cats, and other animals the chance to find a family. The animals stay until they are adopted. The shelters normally don’t have enough room so they would kill the animal or send them to another shelter. When a natural disaster hits, shelters come in so the animals are happy and healthy. Sometimes a family can’t afford to keep their pets and are forced to get rid of it.

In conclusion people need to take better care of they're pets and

“shelters need to show more respect.” Animals get treated terribly and need help. That is why kids around the world are helping adults and kids care for the animals.
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