Spalding Drive Fun Wear Event


Yeah! We made it! The winner for today's event is...2nd grade!! (Although I did love the snowman!)

As for most spirited, the winner who dressed up each day and fully participated each and every day is...Chris Elm!!

Thank you for having some fun and participating in this week-long event! Have a great two weeks off!


Today is Ho, Ho, Hoedown...where are the pictures? Don't forget to send them to me!!! There were a lot of cute cowgirls! The winner today is...Nini Borelli!

Tomorrow's event is do you interpret winter? Also, we will have the overall Most Spirited winner!!!


Today was PEACE day! Wow! There were some amazing entries! Again, a very tough category...but, the winner is...oh, this so hard...pre-K had multiple pictures, but they were basically the same picture by all of pre-k and, well, not everyone is dressed in 60's. Bernice had a lot of pictures, but she's already won (I think runway modeling is in her future)...2nd grade is always adorable...I'm going with Kellie Sprinkle...she owned it and I think could hear her singing, "Teach your children well" with her guitar.

Tomorrow is Ho, Ho, Hoedown day...this should be fun!


Here are the nominated participants for Tuesday! Wow! Some people were really owning it!

Wow...this is a really hard one...the winner is...(based on costume and poses)...3rd grade!!!

Wednesday - Let there be PEACE on Earth - 60's (peace) or Peace-related wear. Also, don't forget tomorrow is the staff pot luck...please bring a side or dessert to share!


This is from Monday...lots of sparkle and glimmer! The winner of today's event is....Bernice Madsen!

Tomorrow is Red….White…or Blue day – whatever color you pick – own it. Dress from head to toe in that color.