The Golden Ages

Aidan S

How Pericles Strengthened Democracy and How He Affected Ancient Greece

Pericles introduced reforms to laws to strengthen democracy. Pericles had brought Greek architecture to its highest point. One of his reforms was that the city had to pay a salary to its officials, this aloud poor citizens to hold office.

The Gods on Olympus

How Greeks Honored The Gods, The Gods and Goddesses description, And Zeus's description

Greeks built temples to honor their gods they also wished to give thanks and to receive blessings. They also tried to avoid angering the gods. The gods were immortal which means they live forever. Mythology also tells of the gods wielding amazing powers. Gods also had children called demigods which were mythical heroes. Zeus was the king of the gods. He wielded the power of lightning. He is also married to Hera.

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The Search For New Knowledge

Ancient Greece's Shakespeare

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The Parthenon

It was a tribute to Athena built by Pericles. It brought Greek architecture to its highest point. The sculptures in the Parthenon were life like. Also, the statue of Athena has been long gone.

How did Greek's use the visual and dramatic arts in their lives?

They used them to make fun of politicians and well known people. They also used them to tell epic tales of fictional characters being destroyed by impossible decisions.

What I enjoyed the most!

I enjoyed learning about the philosophers and what happened to them.